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Just passed week 5

But I still get nervous that because I am so aware on how much time (how many weeks) it has been does it really bother me more than I know? Most of all the horrible effects of quitting have subsided, and I do still think about smoking but I am able to push the thought aside and move on. Sometimes I will ****yze the thought a bit further to figure out what triggered me to even entertain the thought of smoking. Well still very proud of myself and little by little I am taking back control. Back to the gym - laughing - really enjoying my life, my family and the weather we are coming into.... Best wishes and congratulations to all keep up the good work.



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congratulations and well done for being so positive. I am 1 day from my 5 week smokefree week and on the whole i am feeling just as positive!

I'm enjoying going to salsa classes and zumba, as always, but mostly enjoying not feeling guilty afterwards by having a fag when i get home and undoing all the good work. I always felt like such a fraud exercising and smoking. i've hidden my smoking for the last 5 years except for very close friends and family.

i'm still stuggling. i am a rebel at heart and i miss the 'romanticism' of smoking even though i know there's nothing romantic or glamorous about coughing and being an outcast. it's so silly, but i miss it. i can't deny it. it really is a case of beating each fag at a time... xx



Wow thats Great ... I always do ****yze the thought and I embrace it as well thats the only way I can control the outcome ...

Congratulations .. I can't wait to reach week 5


Really well done Patsy you should be very proud of yourself.:)


Congratulations Patsy! Totally on the right track, just keep on going.

Be proud of yourself.

H x


Hi Patsy, well done on reaching 5 weeks, one month + complete thats great and so you should feel proud because its not easy but it will get easier, just think of all you can do now but more importantly think of what you will be able to do in the future.


Well done for getting so far Patsy! I hope that your quit is still going well. Life without cigarettes is great!!


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