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1 year + Only, if you are not 1 year plus and read this don't bleet about contents


Do not Read if you are in early stages of quit - you have been warned.

Morning All

About 8 months ago I asked if anyone was having any lingering smoking issues - not really bad health of cancer issues but more benign issues.

I no longer smoke and rarely have the desire, unless I'm full of alkeyhol.

I do still have Post Nasal Drip (PND) though, this time last year I thought I was developing hayfever, in retrospect I think I may have a slight allergy but I still have a lot of mucus.

I have started using a jalaneti pot (cheers BB13) but this was only a recent thing.

Has anyone else got anything similar? Does it go?

Mentioned it last year to the Doc and she suggested beconaise etc as had been using otravine (which causes rebound symptoms in me), have been using neti pot this year and don't feel as bad but had a real sneezing fit yesterday. Explained to quack about PND and she concurred that it was unusual however, I have no non-smoking baseline to calculate against.

So back to the wonderful people on here to ask if they too have left over nasty smoking healing going on?

Must say I never coughed up loads of gunk but whyquit said that not everyone did....

Anything opinions welcome, helps to know I'm not alone.....


If you had read this and are a recent quitter, please don't believe that I would rather be smoking than have this somewhat trivial annoyance in my life.

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Hi Mah I have just read this. I have been stopped smoking now for over 16 months and like you I have no desire to smoke. I have been troubled with mucus coming down the back of my troat for many many months and I still do.

I suppose most people would say this is post nasal drip. I have been given many so called remedies from the doctor, a nasal spray "Avamys" it has not made any difference. I had other sprays before this.

The latest which I have not tried yet is nose drops, Flixonase (fluticasone propionate) why not call it stuff up yer nose.

The thing is I produce a lot of this and it mainly comes down the back of my troat. This is a constant thing and happens all day long, I also get a lot of phlem coming off my lungs. The funny thing is I had all this before I stopped smoking and this is one of the reasons I stopped. But to be honest even although I still have this problem there are many other problems I had when I smoked that I don't have now.

I have been diagnosed as having a mild chronic brongchitis.

I don't like it but I don't worry about it.


Hello there :) I'm at 14 months & i still get the odd smoking related problems. The other day i coughed up phlegm which took me by suprise after all this time. I still feel like i can't fully get the air down when i'm running, as if i haven't got full use of my lungs back yet. Sneezy too.

Do i miss smoking ? no not one bit ;) still going very strong.

pssst.... if ;)i sleep with my door shut & window closed i can smell stale fags - YUK!!! strange because i have cleaned everything! that is annoying.

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

I think there must be some sinus issues after quitting but I haveno idea why. A year ago I used to use Vicks Sinex before every Martial Arts training session as I had regular problems with congestion, its passed now so I don't but it was for a prolonged period and I don't think it was an infection.

I think we have to accept that during years of smoking we have inflicted a lot of abuse (poison) on our bodies. While a great deal of the healing and returning to normal is fast its not realistic to expect it all to be, a couple of months away from 3 years and I'd say that things are still improving albeit at a much much slower rate than early on.

Hi Mah other than these silly bits I hope you are well, I went Docs this week to sort out an unrelated problem(RA) and spoke to him about some of the health issues that have occurred since quitting(who said its healthy to quit ) he says that the medical profession in general are not being realistic with time scales after quitting smoking, he says it takes about 3 years to really see the benefits he is a new doc for me as we moved house but I wanted to hug him for being honest as even though some days I feel shit at least I know its "normal" I have coughed up gunk within the last 2 months which I never did before, not even when I smoked, its not often but a year + later it seems weird.

I also get some of that nasty catarrh thing in back of throat and the strange breathy thing it’s all normal I am told yippeee I will get there, I truly hope no newbie’s read this as I don’t want to put them off giving up because it is such a great thing to do for our bodies.

Also met lady in the chemist who has been quit for 7 years and she says she suffered for a good couple of years before she felt great, now the only bad thing is she put on 3 stone and hasn’t lost it, cucumber diet starts tomorrow.

Also I know what you mean about smelling fags and NO one has ever smoked in this house so is it a memory or what.

PS I don’t like cucumber hence the weight loss will be rapid

Really Useful

This is a really useful thread as there's a temptatation to ignore the bad bits to not put others off their quits. I am still experiencing things after 1 year 3 months, specifically phlegm in the back of my throat with a metallic sort of taste. It's nothing like as bad as when I smoked but annoying none the less. I wondered whether this was down to using the nicorette inhaler for too long and promptly stopped but the taste is still there I also have no sense of smell whatsoever, which is a pain as this was one thing I was really looking forward to getting back. To hear from others this healing process is more prolonged than my doctor had led me to believe is quite a relief.

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