6 months today

6 months smoke free at last. :D

I must say i have noticed a big difference in the last month or so.

I`m more relaxed even when pushed to the limit.

I have noticed i drink less alcohol now i don't smoke.

For people who always ask when will the cravings go well i cannot remember my last crave.

I feel great now so for those people on there quit stick with it.

all the best


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  • Hi Andy

    congrats to you 6 month thats really fab you and your family and friends must be really proud. Thank for coming back and letting us know how your doing and pop in now and agine to give us an update. Love Linda xxx

    Hi Boudee

    Dont you dare think of giving in where would we be without you. SOmeone said to me when you think f**k it i am having one change it to F**k that I am not going back there. But i get shit days its a week today since my blip and since I got up found it hard but I will not smoke today see how I feel 2moro We can do this my girl Love to you Linda xxxx

  • To Be honest Boudee a few weeks ago before my blip was very down crying all the time and really depressed. My daughter got me some st johns wort and said give them a try for a few weeks but if you are going to be so depressed mam just go back on the fags. she said she could not watch me be sad all the time so I dont know if its the tablets or thinking about her worrying about me But I feel a lot better. Just hope I keep feeling better But its not all plain sailing cos do get my moments Hehehe Linda xxx

  • Sorry boudee visitors came ok its a deal mybe 2moro we will feel much better (hope so) HEHEHE linda xxx

  • You go for it girl hopefully will take granddaughter home later and get Curry and wine and fosters feeling gready hehehe. your welcome thats what we do best support each other. Be good tonight or not hehe

  • Lot better just hope its the end of the drinking do feel sorry for him because hes only 30 and there is drink included in most things. One good thing his gf is a home bird and said she will never drink again if it will help him. I tell you boudee he will go a long way to find someone like her she is really a lovely girl. If he can stay sober I think they will have a nice life and he dont mind staying in he was never a pub drinker if you know what i mean. Its sad because he is a lovely boy would do anything for anyone but is father was a big drinker he died age 39 so all we can do is hope he stays off it Linda xxx

  • Thanks babe off to have my curry. have a good evening and hubby Linda xxx

  • Oh Boudee so sorry to hear you've been feeling bad hun, I hope things will get easier soon and that this is just a difficult but momentary phase - maybe it's also the end of the summer? I know the changes in weather in this part of the year make me feel a little depressed :rolleyes:

    I feel you when you mention your little dog and how sad it made you to see the one that reminded you of him, I lost my cat last year on September 19th and still get tearful thinking of her, and I do think of her often because I loved her so dearly and still miss her immensely - but you know what, let's cry during those moments, it might take 10 minutes or 30 but still it'll do us good because it'll be crying over a special friend and over loving memories - smoking would only make us feel soooo much more miserable and I'm sure we'd cry for a much longer, pointless time, out of guilt and regret...

    Please Boudee, please, resist that crafty evil nic monster. It takes advantage of our weaker moments just to whisper tons of lies into our ears - don't you hate to know that's exactly what cigarettes are meant to do to us, even in the long run? We must be stronger than that ;) :) Cheer up Boudee hun


    Edited to add hugs for Linda too!

  • 216

    BOUUUUDEEEEEEE!!!! Noooo, I don't like to hear that you are having a bad day...you are too strong for that :D Cheer up or else I will have to crack some of my dirty jokes and you don't want that now do you???!! LOL....smile Bou...you are my sunshine. ;)

  • For people who always ask when will the cravings go well i cannot remember my last crave.

    I feel great now so for those people on there quit stick with it.

    all the best


    Sometime ex-smokers can't even remember the reason why they were smokers for years. :D

  • Well done Andy!!! x x x x

    I was the same too the 5th month is a real turn around x x

    Congratulations x x x x x

    ~Buffy x x

    Big Hugs Linda and Boudee x x x x x

    Soryy I wasn't around :(

    Was at a seafood festival and then had things to discuss with my bf

    All good though x x

    Hope you are both feeling better today

    ~Buffy x x

  • Hi Buffy

    Sounds like you had fab weekend seafood my daughter and partner would of loved that would be up for it myself mind.

    You and bf not thinking of making more babys are you. My mum had 11 you will land up like her mind HEHEHE Linda xxx

  • :eek: Lordy lol no no well not yet ;)


    The festival was a bit of a letdown :(

    They ran out lobsters?!! Unbelievable lol

    And no jellied eels or cockles?!!

    really what kind of a seafood festival is that?! :(

  • A wopping big well done to you Andy

    I thank you for taking the time to come back and let us know that there is life after the quit so to speak

    I am very close to throwing the towel in these last couple of days and your post has given me hope and pushed me a long a little

    thank you, I will keep your post in my mind every time i think "ah sod it"

    thanks again Andy :)

    I started a week or so before you. I stopped using Champix having failed loads of times before. Had very severe reactions to Champix including two panic attacks. Could not give a shit about cigarettes now, not going through quitting again. I still get the odd craving, I am more concerned about the after affects of Champix.

  • Congrats!

    Good job Andy. All it takes is a little at a time. I will be celebrating my 10th month in a couple of weeks...looking forward to it!

  • Did someone open a tin of spam??

  • thats amazing

    WELL DONE thats all i can say really u have done totaly fanatastic

  • Well done Andy - another six to go mate... Keep at it... Well done you x

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