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How I felt as a smoker

I attended the Allen Carr clinic a while back (unsuccessfully!) One thing I did like though was that they got you to write down how you felt as a smoker. It was similar to writing your reasons for stopping, but the focus felt slightly different, and on the one or two occasions that I felt like a ciggie during my first week, I did find it helpful to look at it. So I thought I'd share my list -

I felt trapped

I felt dirty

I smelt awful

I was antisocial

I was lazy

I felt lethargic all the time

I was obsessive about my next cigarette

I felt useless and weak willed because I couldn't stop

I was frequently breathless

I got tired just walking upstairs

I had a horrible taste in my mouth

I sometimes had a burning sensation in my mouth

I often felt that I couldn't breathe properly

I frequently coughed, especially in the mornings

I was totally controlled by my addiction

I was frightened about dying young (especially from mouth cancer)

I got really anxious about any event - even the nice ones!

I felt ashamed and embarrassed to be a smoker

I felt as though I was letting everyone down - including myself

Now why on earth would I want to go back there??? :D

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