day 50?

Hi all day 50 for me today, can't believe it! going ok but when will I feel normal? I still don't feel myself, well not my happy self if you know what I mean. I am happy that I'm not smoking and don't want to smoke, even though I still think about it. I have put on about 6lb in weight but am exercising now and not getting out of breath! The other thing is the wind:o never had wind like this before is this normal it's a bit embarrassing. Can anyone who is further ahead give me some advice pleeeeeeeeeease.:confused:

quit 15 feb cold turkey

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  • Congrats on your day 50, Betty Boop :)

    Here's some advice about the wind and yes...we all got it to a fashion :o

    Be proud and hide from naked flames :D

  • Thanks Cav read up on that, and Handiman very funny:D

    Quit 15 feb cold turkey

  • Well done Betty!! Day 50, I cant wait to get there!! Im on day 21 and understand what you mean about not feeling yourself. Unfortunately, i havnt worked it out yet:confused:. As for the wind...Ditto my friend. My husband and son thought I never passed wind..LOL. They got a shock about 3 days into my quit!! I find it quite uncontrollable which is highly embarrassing!!! Just checked out the link Cav left on here and feel hopeful that it will soon sort itself out. For now though..I will just have to keep coughing very loudly when in company!!!! :D

  • Well done Betty - that's a fantastic achievement!

    And thanks Cavalier for the link - it explains a lot!! :D

  • Hi Betty

    I know exactly how you are feeling and it will pass soon. Since I have given up I have felt so rough and even thought about smoking again to make me feel better. But I think because I have been so rough with my quit it has made me stronger because I never want to go through this again. I didn't think I was ever going to feel myself again. I've just started week 13 and for the last couple of weeks the sad/depressed feeling when you think about smoking has dissapeared. I actually feel really good in myself. Just trying to lose the extra weight now!!!! You've come this far and it won't be long before you're feeling great again.


  • Thank you Terri it's good to know that things do get better. :)

    Thanks Karri hope you are ok tonight, don't forget you can do it one day at a time. xxx Bet

    quit 15 feb cold turkey

    freedom at last

  • Well done :D

  • Thank you Chrissie. xx

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