No Smoking Day
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Things can only get better ???

Hi all, hope everyones well. just a quick update' feeling quite good, a lot calmer today than the last two. Don't feel like punching some one today. so must be getting better, eating well energy level gone through roof, cleaned windows but trying not to do to much don't what to burn myself out. i just want to relax after last two days . cheers guys keep positive ;)

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Stick with it, Deano, cos you're already noticing benefits :)

Remember to read, post and plan the next few days. Keep busy but do allow time to relax cos you don't wish to burn yourself out ;)

See you in Day 4 the morn :cool:


Thanks Talien and Cavalier , yes i,m just going to chill, relax. still sweating from forehead a lot never do normally must be withdrawal, all's good cheers guys :D


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