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I know this will get better


Is it just me or is this horrid tiredness all part of it?

I tend to be a bit obsessive about things at the best of times, but this is ridiculous. I am finding it difficult to concentrate on anything.

Damn those nico monsters, they are tough little sods arn't they.

As I said before, "No more days off" I mean it, I really do.

I just want to curl up and go to sleep all the time, but unfortunately my daughter would like me to feed her today, so I can't.

Soon be day 6! I know it will start getting easier very very soon.

Stay strong everyone x

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Stick in there

Hey dont worry things will get better, I didnt believe they would 3 wks ago but now into 2nd month, Just,, and it is getting easier:cool:

Im Tired Too


Yes i think the tired thing is definately part of it, our bodies are busy trying to repair themselves and adjust to not being poisoned. So go with it !!!

Ive been tired, weepy, emotional and pathetic over the last 2 days lol... but i know it will get better. Im not sleeping too well either so that dont help.

But hang in there, every single symptom is a sign of repair .




Sorry you are feeling poorly.... maybe some exercise or even just a long walk in the fresh air might give you some energy? Now that you have made the decision not to sneak one here and there you have the opportunity to put this addiction behind you with each day that passes...... leaving the craves behind and becoming free. It does get easier.... believe that everything will fall back into place and you WILL feel being yourself again soon! Big hug to you!!!

Hi Hopeful :D

Yes I'm afraid tiredness is one of the things we have to put up with among others

Lack of concentration and being emotional are all part of the healing process we all have to go through as our bodies heal from the abuse we have blithely put them through over the years

As you say it will soon be day 6 and almost the first and worst week over so it will start to get better very soon


Marg xxxxxxxx

Thanks ladies, promise I'll stop moaning soon. Can't wait to get energy back cos my house had never looked so messy. I feel as though I've shut down everything exept the desire to stop smoking.

I'm trying to keep everything together and I'm trusting everyone when they say this will pass. I CAN'T WAIT TO FEEL HUMAN AGAIN.

At least I made a lovely dinner today, all home made and everything. Now just got to find the energy to do dishes ect.........

Tomorow is going to be a great day for me, I can feel it in my bones.

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