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My day 4 challenge!

Ok - it's Day 4 and all has been well so far, apart from some initial negativity on Day1!

But, I'm back at work today, and I have a feeling that I'll find that more difficult.

I basically used to break up my day with fag breaks - I know I need to find an alternative, but I'm not sure what that will be!

Anyway, I'm determined to find a way through it somehow - I'll post an update later!

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Good Luck Sarah,

Maybe you could go for a little walk when you have a break. Well done on reaching Day 4.

Let us know how it went at work



A Diet Coke break - but are there any tasty men?!


Thanks Jo and Dale. No hunky men around I'm afraid, much to my disappointment!! ;)

Despite that little setback, I'm pleased to report that I have passed this hurdle with flying colours! :cool: There were a few "moments", but I just ate a few grapes, sucked a Smint or went for a walk, and it was fine. I wouldn't quite say that it was a doddle, but certainly better than expected! :D


I just read your super-positive day 3 thread and it made me come searching for you in Day 4! I'm really glad things are going so well. Isn't it awesome to linger in the positive moments =D.

As for work, I thought that this was going to be a problem for me too but I changed my thinking of it so see what you think. You say you used to break your day up with cigarettes - how so? Just a couple of ciggies at lunch or were you one of the only people sneaking out once every couple of hours to have one while people are having a hot drink? I work in an NHS GP clinic and drive around for home visits on some days. I would always smoke in the car between visits. When I was at the clinic, if I didn't have a visit I would actually still go out in my car and drive around while I had a ciggie as it wouldn't be good for patients to see me smoking (I'm a children's physio)! Nowadays I sit and have lunch with everyone else or have a hot drink with them instead of going out for a 'drive'. I changed my thinking to it being more of a release that I didn't have to fanny about with making excuses and going out. I did a similar thing with the driving - I saw it as more of a release that I no longer have to worry about timing the journey so that I can have a ciggie, chew a mint and spray myself with perfume by the time I got to the patient/clinic - and the same on the way back. Even typing it feels rediculous!

Just have a think about that. There's a brilliant thread in the general section about the things we no longer have to worry about. Give it a read!

Well done again =)


Hi Peaky, nice to meet you!

I used to deal with tricky work situations by going for a fag before tackling it - it gave me time to come up with a plan of action. But guess what - a walk does just the same thing!! Who'd have thought it, eh?? ;)

So Day 5 dawns, and I'm still positive! :cool:


Excellent. Fantastic PMA you've got going there!

It's amazing what we can actually get through without a fag. Having a think, having a drink, feeling sad/happy/angry/celebratory/tired/hungry/irritable etc, etc etc. And it turns out we can do and be all these things without inhaling a bunch of poisonous chemicals. Whodathunkit? :rolleyes::D

Well done you. Keep it up!



I didnt have a problem just stopping the cig breaks and worked straight through. Some people like to just nip outside for a bit of fresh air for 5 mins so its not so much of a change. Depends on you really.


Just goes to prove that clever Mr Shakespeare's quote really does make a huge amount of sense....

...."There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." :cool:

Nice one, Sarah :)


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