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Day 13 on Champix

HI everyone. I am new here so thought I would introduce myself. I have been smoking for twenty years, that makes me feel terrible when I say those words!

But my partner and I would like to start a family so decided to give up smoking.

I am on day 13 of champix, few side affects, mild heartburn at the beginning and a few headaches. Only two sleepless nights, tend to take the night tablet about 6.30pm.

I am struggling a bit with eating breakfast in the morning as I never used to eat breakfast. I find that the late tablet is the one that makes me feel sick, and have been sick once.

Gave up smoking two days ago on day 11 so this is my third day of not smoking. Had a bit of a moment last night, wanted one but knew I didn't if that makes sense. So I went upstairs and faffed around on the computer a bit until the feeling went. Seemed to work!

How is everyone else getting on?!

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Hiya and well done on quitting!

I'm on Champix too, and also on Day 3 of quitting - doing ok so far! :)

It is frightening when you think about how long you've been smoking, isn't it? I can't believe that it's been 28 years for me - but then I do think I'm still 25, instead of 45!

Keep at it - I'm sure we can give each other encouragement through the tough times!


Well done for quitting! Also on Chapmix and on I'm day six.

Got to say I haven't found it easy, but I'm persevering. Only found this forum today and I like the support and encouragement.

Keep it up!!


I have found it really easy to be honest with you apart from one moment but then I distracted myself and the feeling went.

I went to the doctors yesterday and they said my blood pressure was a bit low so they have advised me to just take the 1mg morning pill for a week and see how that goes. If I feel fine on just one tablet a day and I get no cravings then they will keep me on the 1mg. I must admit, I didn't take my tablet last night and this morning it was the first time where I couldn't remember what it felt like to go outside for a cigarette! It didn't even phase me!

Sometimes it just seems too easy! I am waiting for the day where it hits me and I really crave one. Will it come?!


Well done all champix people, I'm using Zyban. Stopped 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Feel great, funky dreams and can't stop munching on cr*p. At least not smoking, I've had lots of lows but I'm climbing out of it and am feeling strong. I have an app that twlls me I would have smoked 199 fags since I quit (15 a day ish). If u put that much on a table it would look scary and that's just 13 days! Imagine 20 years worth! Def worth it people.


Well done!!!!!

I can't stop eating either so I have made sure I have plenty of carrot sticks, grapes etc. to munch on.

I have found the tablets make me feel bloated, well, its either the tablets, the fact that I am eating so much more or the wind it is given me... god, even the dog got off the sofa!!! :eek:

Going to start a dance class next week to stop the weight from piling on and to keep myself motivated!

I have decided to put 50p into a pot everytime I would have smoked or when I feel I want one. You have to smash the moneybox to open it so I can't waste the money. When its full, I have decided to get my teeth whitened!!! :D


Its strange because if someone said to me put £6.00 into a pot every day, I would say I couldn't afford to do that! BUT I always found the money when I smoked!

I thought 50p would be better and I wouldn't notice the money so much! If that makes sense?!


thats a good idea. Everyone is saying to me you must be saving loads of money not smoking but I haven't yet as I tend to spend it on other things and yes it is nice to have a bit money in your purse and not think oh I hope I have enough for tabs but then you would do without something else to buy them. As I have said on other forums I have been on champix for 5 weeks and this is my 30th day of not smoking and I have cut my tablets down to half a one in the morning and a full one at night. I cannot take a full one in the morning as it was making me sick every day and I was fed up with that and so far its still all working. so good luck everyone


I am on my 5th day of not smoking now and I feel absolutely fine! No cravings, the odd little twinges but then I forget about them. I think I would be so upset with myself for giving in now!


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