No Smoking Day
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Can we all make it?

I have put this on day three because I think this is the hardest of the first few days.

I have today got to 16 months smoke free

I know that seeing all of us who have got to this stage should give you hope that you can do it too. But it is probably also soul destroying to think that this sort of target is so far away and could even be unreachable.

Well it isn't, you will be surprised as to how the time passes. To me it does not seem very long since I stopped and it's 16 months already.

Think back to something you did a year or six months ago and does it really seem so far away, has the time passed quickly?

If you stick with it you will find suddenly a few months have passed and you will have stopped.

I know you can say well it's easy for you to say that now.............but remember we were all at 3 days.

I know it is hard at this stage to believe but do believe and if you do you will succeed.

I hope this helps you,


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Thanks Jack. From someone on day 2, that is encouraging! :)


Thank you Jack, very encouraging for us :) I know what you mean as ive quit before, its hard remembering that feeling of 'ive quit and its 3 months ago now'.. i miss that feeling, but hopefully in 3 months it'll be back.



Thank you Jack, as always very wise. Most definitely rough today, day 3. Glad it's almost bedtime hoping day 4 will be better..

Have a good night and keep up the great work you do, inspiring us..



Just remember Val how well you are doing. Like me you didn't plan to quit as you did although you did want to.

You must congratulate yourself for every minute, hour and day you go without smoking and I'll say it again when you get into bed tonight smile and think "Well done Val that's another day". You may even find a tear will appear.

I wont kid you every day is hard at this stage but you have now almost completed the first of the terrible three's. The reason you felt so bad today is because you are starving your body not only of nicotine but all the other chemicals you have been feeding it for years. You are right it is withdrawal symtoms because most of if not all the nicotine has gone. Your body is starting to detox but the reseptors in your brain doesn't like not getting the stuff it's had for years and is now screaming for it. So you must scream back "Your not bl**dy getting it"

I and everyone on here are proud of you and all the others that are going through what you are going through now. We've been there and know what it is like but we fought through it and wow!! the outcome is great.

It's waiting for you guys.

Jack x:)


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