No Smoking Day

Team Fm... How Are We All Doing?

heya everyone... i'm as crazy as ever today... been in my pajamas since 2 pm... going between computer, ps2, tv, movies, books, magazines, toys, backyard, all over the place like a tornado, but... smoke free, and here, thats all that counts... Need to buy new pens though, missing a few caps it seems... darn oral fixation i'm left with here... Also, about Marion... I'm adding her to my signature cause we need to do it fast before she runs off and joins someone else, lol... i figure three peeps votes is enough as were not all on all the time... hope we all are doing well, and that noone is suffering any terrible craves as i write this... i have figured out our second challenge, but its still a secret :P


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Evening to you too!

Sounds like you've had a hectic day with all that gaming and reading and shuffling and toys and eating and more shuffling and reading and gaming and toys ...whoa....feel exhausted for ya!!

So what ya got planned for our next project then???? ;) Tell me, pretty pleeeeeeeease :p


lol first project end day is Friday, so it wouldn't be right to start the second one before Saturday... that would be like reading the last chapter of a mystery novel, and then trying to enjoy the fill in the middle lol... Don't worry, i worked out the details of project two with the wife, and she thought it was a good idea, so no reason to be scared lol... I'm excited too... these weeks need to go by faster.


Hey vike, all well here, watching the football.... I was the last person in contact with Marion so like all women in my life she probably has done a bunk!!!

Anyone tried Nic Gum? just tried one for the first time, NEVER AGAIN they are crap and taste like your chewing on a rats arse!!!

Please note - figure of speach i have never chewed on a rats arse although there was once this girl............................................


oooh...there goes that nasty lil man that called me a cow :mad: And Louise!!

LOL Just messin' wiv ya meeru. Good job you added that last sentence pal 'cos I was just about to ask you how d'ell do you know what a rat's arse tastes like!!!! eurrghhh


Rofl, nice metaphor... my boss at work had the odd nic gum when he quit... supposedly a year now... he said he had to use two parts real gum, one part nic gum for it to work for him... and he also said that after a few chews... it worked well enough just held under his lip kinda like chew tobacco... i guess the more you chew it, the more nicotine gets let out, and the worse it tastes or something... don't mean much to me, cause i have sworn a nicotine free quit... oh, was that the first nicotine you've tried since the quit? (if it was, did it give you head rush, and make ya all woozy?) I'll leave M in the sig for a few days... to see if she comes back from her bunk or if it was just a "wind up"... (see, i'm learning your slang)! Maddy... we have the same number of posts... i guess the race is on! lol jk... you can have more if you really want!


Started the first week of quit with patches then decided to knock them on the head - then read Allen Carr. Nic free since..

Just stole a gum off a friend just to see what all the fuss was about and i wont be buying any - just burnt my throat, no rush to the head.


I be off to bed. I can hear it calling me. Its gagging for me to go join it and who am I to argue?! Ooh I love my bed! Its lovely 'n comfy!

Nite nite!

*runs* :D


Good night, sweet dreams xx


Thats it off to bed, night all

Marion - if your reading this thread - welcome to the team and dont forget we need that sketch of you :D


Yeah where are all the other drawings? is it still only 4 of us who've done them?


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