No Smoking Day
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Day 4 YAY!


Well after yesterday I cant beleive how much betterI feel today - had a really good sleep but still feel a bit tired?:confused:

Anyway went to my quit clinic appointment and Im down from 16mg carbon is my breath to 1mg *happy dance* and it was the thought that this number would be lower that kept my feet out of the ciggie shop yesterday!

I am proud of myself for not giving in yesterday and I now know I can face another day of hell and survive it.

To top it all it was weigh day this morning and I have have also lost 4lb in a week - I am watching what I eat so I dont put too much on but to discover Ive lost weight was brilliant.

I know there will be more rubbish days to come but I am determined I wont give in.

Thanks to those who offered words of encouragement yesterday, really helped :)

My smoking friends are coming round later and they dont know I have quit - I cant wait to say to them - no thanks I dont smoke :D

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Very well done J! Isn't it great to have a 'YAY' moment?! It's nice to hear about people coming through the other end after bad days. I've been having quite a few cravings over the past few days and I'm on Champix. I'm struggling a bit this afternoon but started a bit of cleaning and just polished off a carrot as a snack (sounds appetising doesn't it, lol).

Hey, tonight I'm pretty sure you'll notice just how bad your smoker friends smell. Just remember that used to be you and now you're fresh as a daisy =D. I went for a haircut today (with my saved money, ha) and the hairdresser smelled of stale cigarettes. It just shocks me how strong the smell is!


You are so right, they did whiff a bit ;)

I too am treating myself to a new hair colour on the basis that I havent spent it going up in smoke!

I have busied myself in the garden all day preparing stuff for the BBQ season and planting new veggies etc I dont even know when I had the time to smoke! I need to calm down abit before I burn out though :)

TBH I havent really wantd one today - Im on day 10 of champix and I am impressed

Keep at it with the carrot sticks much more healthier

We can do it :)


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