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Just started day 4

Hi everyone,

This is my first post but I have been visiting the forum since I quit on Mar. 30th 2011.

I have been smoking about 15 to 20 a day for around 10 years and have even tried quitting a few times before. Honestly I think each time I try it gets harder so I know this has to be the time I make it last. I find myself very on edge and prone to depression when withdrawing, which is really getting me down. I strongly believe in doing this cold turkey so I have had nothing to help me with my quit except long walks and tons of gum and water.

I already feel a bit better just getting active here and telling my story.

Look forward to the mutual support!


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Hiya Swifty

Bloomin well done with getting this far. It's great to feel like you're achieving so much by technically doing nothing isn't it?!

You've probably noticed from looking around the forum that people have up and down days whatever the quit method. I'm on day 6 today and my big downer (and rage day, lol) was on day 4. I spoke to the smoking cessation nurse and she pointed out something pretty obvious that I never thought of myself - when we used to smoke it was often our break/relax time that we made for ourselves AND we took deep breaths with those breaks. I realised I was trying to keep so busy that I hadn't actually given myself any breaks, let alone deep breathing so I had probably wound myself right up! I'm now trying to consciously make little snippets of time for 'breaks' during the day and night. Also, by holding the breath for up to 10 seconds when you do them it emphasises that release a bit more. I tend to do 3 or 4 deep breaths because eventually I just go dizzy, haha.

Why don't you think of something nice for you to buy with the £25-30 odd quid you've saved so far =)


Hey Peaky,

Thanks so much for the good advice, you are absolutely right! I am finding it a little better after a night's rest. I woke up and got very active and noticed I definitely had more energy than before.

As for the money I am saving most of that is going to the insane amount of gum being chewed! haha.

How is your quit going?


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