5 months completed for the new years quitters - No Smoking Day

No Smoking Day

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5 months completed for the new years quitters


5 months smoke free today...almost half a year!!:eek: i cant believe this!! thank you everyone for all your much needed help in getting me through to this point!! hope everyone has a wonderful day:D

so where are my fellow new years quitter? i wanna hear from you..who is still here?

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Me! I am still here! Was struggling for a while but seem to be getting better again. Well done :D

Jill xx

Me too! Hit five months a couple of weeks ago. Still can't believe it really. Like Jill I hit a rough patch recently, but at the moment I seem to be fine.

I've kind of resigned myself to always missing smoking. But the missing causes me no real pain these days. And there are so many benefits, I feel so much better in myself - I can't ever go back.

Half a year soon. Happy days!


yayayayaya, me too... feels good too.

well done everyone else too xxx


Hi Guys

I wanted to add my congrats to all of you now that you have reached your 5 months quit. Keep it up and again WELL DONE :)

a big thanks!!:Dhappy to see you are doing well nuttynurse!!

am here and doing great

we went out this bank holiday for the day and you know it really enforces my quit u know why

1] i didnt have to fit in a last minite fag just before we left

2] i didntt feel stressed in the least about the car journey

3] i didnt have to do a fake loo stop

4] i enjoyed the whole day and didnt have to sneak out for a quick fag hiding from the kids

5] there was absolutely no rush to get home we left at 8am and got home at 7pm this would have been torture in my smoking days

it made me truely appreciate wat i have done i have released myself from trap of smoking and given myself pure freedom

I love it

Well done to all you new year quitters. If I had not been so weak, stupid, call it what you will I would be there with you.

Hey, ho. My time will come. I am so proud of all of you, and yes, I REALLY do mean that. Almost half a year for you all and only 7 more steps to the penthouse hot tub lol.

Gaynor x

awww thanks karri:D



5 months for me today!!!!

Thanks for all of you support.

congrats to you louiza!! well done...keep it going :)

Yep, I'm still here. Well done to everyone else and to all other quitters no matter how far you are.


Blimey. How many of you are there?!!


Well done everyone.

Must admit theres still a void in my life sometimes, but its not like real cravings anymore, so heres to finishing the 6 months - and onwards.....

so proud of all my fellow new years quitters!! lets all keep it up and have a rockin new years party to celebrate our year quit!!:D

WAIT UP - almost there, 143 days I believe...I'm two weeks behind. CRAP, always seem to be behind in something, but oh so thankful to be here. Never thought I could come ANYWHERE near this.

Happy day to all'


January quitters

I'm still here too ... just been keeping my head down :D 5 months and 2 days for me now, still have my moments, but happy as hell to be a non-smoker! Now just got to loose the stone I put on in weight :D

Great effort everyone, stick with it

i am still here:):):)

happy to see ya nic....6 months almost here!!

Still here too :):)

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