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5 Months Completed

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Hi all Merry Christmas,

Well I have been stopped smoking for 23 weeks tomorrow, time flys when your having fun. Been out and about and enjoying not getting wet for a stinker, feeling sorry for my friends who are desperate to stop. I still miss the social side to smoking but I just stand with my friends now while they smoke when its not raining and its ok I still don't fancy one!

I'm still using 7mg patches, but I don't mind iv asked my smoking nurse to keep me on them until after the new year as I ended up with very bad anxiety and anyone who has never had it, believe me its not nice! The patches are small but boy do I no about it if they come off the anxiety starts, has any one else suffered with anxiety after stopping smoking? I'm not ashamed to say I'm addicted to nicotine big time like but to me a patch is better than 20 tabs.

Still 2lbs to loose and I'm back to the weight I was the day I stopped smoking. Can't wait for my 6months in January, feeling very proud.

Anyone struggling, keep with it. My mates can't believe I'm still stopped as they know how much I used to love tabs, but now I swear I don't even think of them£1000 now, well I did but I spent it on a new bed. :)

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I've got a history with bad anxiety.

When I quit I went cold turkey. The anxiety was awful for a week I'd say. After that it went away and I was back to normal.

Obviously when you come off the patches, the dose of nicotine has been so low for so long now, I wouldn't have thought it will effect you much. But if it does, it will only be a few days.

Thanks for the reply all, yer the patches are a big thing for me, and iv never suffered with anxiety before its been crap to be honest not nice at all.

Hi Angela -firstly really well done on 23 weeks!

I read somewhere that someone used to put the patch on 5 minutes later and take it off 5 minutes earlier every day - could be worth you trying?

Hi kat, yer I used to get panic attacks and sometimes I still do, but this anxiety thing is ****** awful, I'm ok now thank god. I had it on and off for three months, mainly last month I had four weeks solid and it was horrific! But as soon as they have left me alone on patches it's stopped, obviously I had a lot on with my brother and everything but I have noticed twice when I started to feel the anxiety starting I checked no patch to be seen and not even a red mark so they had been off a while. I now put a plaster over them to make sure they stay on lol. I might look at trying that kat, thanks. :)

Well done

Well done Angela, just keep doing what you are doing as it is clearly working. you can come off the patches when you are ready. 5 months is just brilliant once again....WELL DONE!:)

Hiya Angela,

Well done on 5 months achieved. Head down and make this the norm now. I can vouch for the rescue remedy night. The same chap recommended them to me when I was getting an average of 3 hours a night and they worked.

I know you'll keep with it Angela, you sound determined and that's the whole battle at this point.

Molly x

Angela, I can really sympathise with the anxiety. I get it too (though it seems to be less frequent now than it was). I hope you push on through it for good soon.

I get the same problem with the patches as well. Covering them with a plaster certainly helps.

Well done on getting so far- you're an inspiration to us early dayers :D

Great going Angela and like you say patches are waay better than fags so don't sweat about it. Congrats on getting so far and I too can vouch for Rescue Remedy, it's amazingly calming :D


Brilliant achievement Angela enjoy your new bed

Well done Angela - keep it up. Just a tip, I weaned myself off the patches by cutting sections off them so you get less of the nicstuff over time.:D

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