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newbie about to begin stopping!

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hi im debs.

im finally about to start stopping. am on day 2 of champix and planned my quit date too. been smoking 20 a day for so long its hard to remember when (or why) i started.

anyway just wanted to say hi and maybe get to know some folks in advance of my quit date. kinda planning ahead for support as i dont have much family close by. my hubby quit 2yrs ag and i am afraid to say has reached the slightly smug stage. i can see him being on the recieving end of some rants shortly.

this time round tho i am doing this for me. not cos i am being pressured into it for various reasons.

soooo...feel free to offer help, advice or even just say hi!:D

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Hi Debs,

Well you're on the right track - a) doing this for YOU and b) posting on here. Two very BIG factors that will help you make this a success!

Best of luck with your quit. And welcome.


Hi Debbie

I'm new to I am on day 10 of stopping after 30+ yrs of smoking and can't wait for the day the thought of smoking doesn't invade my thoughts anymore!!!! we will get there.

Best of luck..... Keep strong, dont give up and dont give in

Let us know how you are doing!!!!

spk agn sn

Hi Debs,

Welcome, I'm on champix too and it's helped me i used to smoke 20+ a day so far today is 11 days no smoking:) you can do it

Changing routine is good, keeping busy, posting here and keeping a money saved jar, reading posts on here anything to keep your mind off it for the first few days, I'm finding that i don't think about smoking half as much as i did in the first few days x

You'll get plenty of support here, good luck with your quit

Jane x

Hi Debbie.

I won't wish you luck because luck has nothing to do with your success.

Your state of mind is the most important thing. Keep reminding yourself why you are quitting and spending a lot of time here will help quite a bit.

OK, maybe I'll wish you a bit of luck too.....:D

thanks everyone. its great to see so many folks at different stages of what i want to achieve. Gives me a good idea of what to expect in addition to getting a lot of support.

expect to see a lot of me in the next few weeks! One day soon i hope i can help others to quit too.


Welcome Debbie

and congratulations on deciding to do something for you head start you can get xx this will be your idea, your hard work , your achievement...your success be proud of yourself!

See you soon !

Sally :)

Hi Debbie and welcome :D

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