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Don't know what to say

Hi every one, well I don't no what to say I feel really mad at myself, I messed up up again, only did two days this time round. Anyway I am going to stop tomorrow, not try to stop I am going to stop. I think I am finding it hard this time around because I have resently retired from work and feeling a bit bored ,never had so much time on my hands.

I know this is no excuse but it is the only thing I can think of to why I am finding it hard going . I do keep busy cleaning washing cooking walking the dog, but then there are those moments, you know when you have been busy and then think it would be nice now to sit and have a cig with my cup of coffee, trouble was I did not just think about it I gave in and had 1, and once you have had one you want another, and then you are mad with yourself for giving in and then lite up again. I have just one left in my packet so I am going to have that with a cup of coffee and this evening I may go to the smoking cessation class.


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Hey Joan.

Sorry to hear you had a blip. Don't feel too bad about it, just deal with it. It IS possible!

Is there nothing you could do instead, like maybe joing a college and do a little hobby course or somthing to keep your mind focused.

Try and figure out what it is that makes you mess up. You need to stay strong and have confidance in yourself that you can do it. The LIFE IS BETTER WITHOUT SMOKING no matter how hard that is to comprehend in the early days.

Dont quit quitting!

Jill xxx


To infinitity and beyond Joan, you can do it.

Rise above it and soldier on.


So there are not as many temptations for you, if your family are not worth quitting for who are eh?

Maybe try and concetrate soley on the quitting and eat and do what you want for a while.

I am struggling myself at the minute becasue I lost so much weight before xmas for my wedding then stopped new years eve and have eaten EVERYTHING and had put on a stone and a half but you know what, I wouldnt have it any other way. You can always loose weight if you eat too much but reversing the effects of smoking is a lot harder to do.

You can do it JOAN, I know you can!



all the best joan. you will do it...


Good for you Joan for trying again. At least you have tried, I haven't since my fall on the 21st though. Last day at work in the hell hole tomorrow so next week I will stop when I have started my new job.

You keep strong :D

Gaynor x


Good luck!

The boredom really doesn't help, I am at home all day now while the children are all at school and it really does drag. I have been cleaning so much that I have ran out fo things to clean and might have to get desperate and start cleaning my friends houses! :eek:


lol c266...if your in the new york area...stop by and clean mine..i have no time


Joan, as you sig. says, you can do this and you will. We all have to find our way, testing the water along the route.

Just like you, with the cooking, cleaning etc. I would give myself natural little breaks in between and have a smoke. Well replace it with something, some little treat you can get in and really look forward to when you feel you deserve it. Don't try to fill in all those awkward pauses between activities with something. Sometimes take them for what they are which are moments to yourself when you aren't doing anything. Take time in those moments to breath deeply, notice how good you smell, sit down, and just take time to think calmly about what you are doing, rather that rushing around trying to avoid the subject. Try cooking different things, make it interesting, plan nice meals, don't worry about putting on a few pounds, you can shift that later. What is important is you and doing things that make you feel good, find things that make you laugh, cry, music to dance to (or even if it just makes you sing along or just tap your foot).

What you are doing is a brilliant thing, read all about the habit and it's traps, and never feel that you are being deprived of anything. Choose what treats you want, instead of them choosing you.

Lorraine :)


New Member

Hi All,

I,m new to this forum and decided i needed some encouragement as i start taking champix tomorrow.Ive read all about those dreaded side effects:mad:but i,m determined after 30yrs of smoking i WANT to quit and

with let you know how i go.For all those who are taking them keep up

with the suggestions on best way to combat the side effects please as i

may need them.

Good luck to everybody Youngy


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