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Don't know where i am?

Ok so this is the story so far, i stopped smoking on 7/6/09 then had 1 cig 27/06/09, then had 1 cig 4/7/09 then bought 10 cigs yesterday and smoked them over the last 24 hours. i now have no cigs in the house and consider myself a non smoker.

So can i just have some advice do u think i should call today day 1 or cheat a little and call today the start of month 2 or somewhere inbetween. i must admit that it feels a bit like day 1 but i can't help feeling that i don't know if i can go through that 1st month again.

The reasons i had a cig at the times i did (except the last 24hrs) had to do with too much drink, so should i maybe stop/cut down the white wine? would that be too much pressure?

Ok i will leave it there for now, any help/advice will be gratefully received.

A Bev in need

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Hi Bev,

Sounds like a bit of a muddle to me.:o

You can call today whatever you like, if it helps you stay off the smokes. Day 1, month 2 - it's all about not smoking and choosing to continue to not smoke.

I think that if you've had 10 in the last 24 hours it may be pushing definitions a little too far to say you are a non-smoker. (By that reckoning I used to be a serial quitter - every time I went to sleep each night, then breaking the quit each morning.:D)

Choose not to smoke today. Make the same choice tomorrow. And every tomorrow after that.



Keep going forward

Sounds like you should probably call it a "slip-up" because that is what it sounds like it is. It all depends (quite honestly and only you can know) whether you have re-opened the door and see yourself taking it back up again. If you have got through that first month, no slip up can take that away from you, especially if you carry right back on as if you hadn't done it. You have a lot to be proud of and should focus on that as opposed to the last couple of days. I am notorious for not even getting sucessfully through day 2, so much so I've developed an entire paranoid event around it (akin to Armageddon :)). I admire anyone who can get through day 2 (let alone month 1). I normally cry on day 2. Yes cry! Now if you can get by without doing that you are progressing exceedingly well.


Well I would recommend Day 1, but the choice is yours.

The reason I say day 1 is that I believe that it is necessary to draw a line under that part of you life that you spent as a smoker and start on a fresh new life. If you accept the odd blip here and there now then what is to stop you in the future, and the aim is to be a non smoker not an occasional one. Then when you get to 6 months you can look back and say that its 6 months since I smoked rather than it 6 months with the odd lapse here and there!

At the end of the day its down to you and that's just my 2p


Hi Bev

Sorry I agree with Nic I also think you should be on day one as you seem to have deliberately bought and smoked 10

Just my opinion of course


Marg xxxxxx


Oh Bev sorry to hear this.

I say call it what you feel most comfortable with, but really, REALLY decide to quit.

I relapsed 2 weeks in and had 2 drags. I was really upset with myself, but I asked myself if I wanted to carry on quitting or to go back to smoking.

Ask yourself what you want to do would be my advice. You cannot, however, have occasional cigarettes. I'm sorry but quitting, for the majority, is all or nothing. Choose which you want.


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