No Smoking Day
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Don't know where to start!

Well i will start here as this is my story so far

Numerous quit ateempts using NRT

Last wednesday I walked into the super markert to buy my 20 L&B, but my yellow fingers made me feel sick... so i paid the pharmacy a visit and got my old nictine vice... "The nasal spray"...

I have used this before but got drasticaly addicted to it... used it far more times than i would smoke cigarettes a day. But it works!

So anyway

wed & thursday no cigs,

friday 10 cigs,

sat no cigs,

sunday 20 cigs,

monday 1 cig

Tuesday no cigs

wednesday(yesterday) 1 hamlet cigar outside the pub.

today no cigs so far.

Nasal spray is expensive and orderd some on ebay for cheap but its not come yet... and just seen doc and going to start champix next week....

Should i shelve the NRT and go back on the cigs for a few days before champix or try and stay cig free and on NRT before champix?

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Well Done ...

Thats FABULOUS... I just decided it in an instant too and I am now 3 months down the road and haven't smoked a ciggie since!!

TBH if you have come this far with your nasal spray and days without any fags at all on some days .. I would be tempted to say you could pretty much do this on will power alone and forget the Champix ... but it's what you feel will suit you. I went cold turkey.

However, i think it would be a mistake to go back to smoking as you are going to take champix - unless you are supposed to? You have come quite far without it (make sure it isn't a little excuse to yourself to give you a few more days grace smoking!!)

Take the leap ... you are already doing soooo well ... if you can go the odd day without a fag go all of them ... otherwise you keep topping the nictine up all the time and you might as well not bother .. but that's just my opinion hee hee!!

Good Luck mate ... keep us posted.




Im with Jodi on this one and honestly think if you really want to quit then you are half way there already, why bother with champix you know deep down that you can do this and I know that like Jodi I went CT on a whim and I will be four months come sunday and if I can smoke for 41 years and then just stop with out thinking about it and no planning, so can any one else on the planet.

You will feel so much better I promise and being as you are not that old you can turn back the clock in the way your body repairs itself so go on go for it we will be here to support you and get you throught the first few weeks.


i tend to last a month on nrt then end up back on the cigs... but i was smoke free all december... and started again new year :mad:

I like the idea of champix as it blocks the cravings without nicotine... i bet it would work the same using nrt for the first few days with it...

I think a month off the cigs with no nicotine and i would be away and dry thats why i want to use champix.


hey dbairduk

however you decide to quit & whichever method you use is whatever you feel comfy with. Sounds like confidence is a bit lost somewhere with NRt why not champix xx

good luck in what you decide to do & keep posting :)


Hi dbairduk,

I think you are doing really well without the champix and must agree that you may just be using it to have a few more fag days.Try not to if you can,and if i can do it after smoking 30+ fags a day for the last 30 years, then you can too.After all you have had several fag free days already.I am nearly at a month smoke free and have put away all the money that i would have watched go up in smoke so far and it comes to a grand total of almost £250.Another 3 months and i will have my fare to America for my dream holiday.

Saying all that i don't think i could have done it without the support from people on here.

good luck and keep posting



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