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Day 1


I had my last cigarette last night and made a real big thing out of it. I smoked it slowly and then tried it with my eyes shut. I was interested to find that if I couldn't see then I didn't enjoy it at all - not that it made me put it out, I just opened my eyes again :D

I had a chat to try and say a formal goodbye and said "look Nico, I don't think we should be together anymore. It was great at the start but lately I just haven't been happy. It's not you, it's me". I thought if I treated it like a real relationship it might help.

Well I have been up for 30 minutes and taking one minute at a time. Will come back later and let you know how it's going. Obviously if I feel the craves are too much I will be back before to avoid any disasters.

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It's great that... really 'savouring' it because you realised that there's nothing to savour! Remember that thought when you're having an off minute/hour/day.

Well done for getting back on here, it takes a lot of courage but quitting is the best decision you'll ever make and deep inside you know that or else you wouldn't have contemplated quitting for so long!

Have a great first smoke-free day :)

Well done! Have a great day 1!

Congrats on trying to quit and well done on choosing CT. Getting all the nicotine out your system has to be done sooner or later so may as well get through the cravings at the start! Ive been off cigs 6 weeks now and off nicotine 2 weeks, but getting off the NRT was just as hard for me. The cravings do get easier and I only get 1 or 2 a day now if that. Best of Luck!!

Excellent. Good. This is it now.

One craving, one hour, one day at a time.

You can do this and you will be so glad that you did.

Onwards and upwards!

H x

Congratulations Karri ! thats great I know you can and will do this. Keep up the good work it will get easier

Well done in taking control of you, rather than this horrible white poison dictating to you.:D

looking forward to an update later! Well done you!

so happy to hear this karri!! believe in yourself!! you are stronger than a cig! take a min at a time and you will make it throught...take it easy and be good to yourself:)

Well done you!! Good to see you using mental tools. Well done x

Hey Karri,

Nope you can't hide out in your room forever. The day is too beautiful and you should be joining in adding yours to it.

Practical advice:

[*]Sip water when you get craves - get a waterbottle and carry that around with you. We all should hydrate more anyway.

[*]Cranberry juice - it's high in Vits A and B which smokers tend to deplete drastically. As smokers our bodies tend to unbalance vitamin intake and before things normalise we need to take in more.

Keep on keepin' on :)


Good for you Karri. Don't put too much pressure on yourself with this quit thing, it's not a hanging offence to struggle, just keep struggling if you have to. David.

Here i am!

I'm here! Brain has been back and forth all over the place - maybe having to fire someone at work not helping, THEN finding out OH may not have job soon! Mad day :(

Even if those things hadnt happened brain would still be bonkers trying to find some excuse...will just have to stay strong this eve. Worst time for me is watching TV so going to gym after work to stay out of the house longer.

I'll let you know how it went tomoz!

Karri - get your laptop back soon - i'll miss you:eek:

karri..have internet on your cell? then you can still come to the forum....also congrats on getting through this first day...whatever it takes...just dont smoke!! you can do it:D

well done Karri, you can do it this time.

I have been having some craves tonight so I am off to the garage and on the cross training - cant believe I've put on 4/5 pounds already

Well done to both of you. I am really struggling with eating and as much as I try know I am eating far more than usual!

i genuinely have no idea which way this day will end up. Somewhere since last post decided it would be a great idea to smoke - but once i got home - then thought about forum etc and thought - no i wont. Back and forth, back and forth, decided to go to gym anyway, so that if i did smoke it wouldnt be until later...

Got to gym - didnt have my card, good excuse to go home, but somehow ended up waiting in the queue anyway. Did worst workout in the world, ran 20 mins walked 10 mins then left. But during run the craves of earlier had gone and i thought - i really can do it!

Got home - OH had bought cigs and is smoking - great excuse...but have not..really hanging on by a thread - in some ways it's been such an awful day its hilarious:D:D:D:eek:

Karri, Lulabelle congratulations to you both on your first day and I hope tomorrow is an even better and easier one. It does get easier after day 2 or 3 and if not Karri will be mad at me forever:D

Anyway congratulations again and best of luck

Is it normal to keep crying when it's only day 1. It came on this morning and then subsided for most of the day. In the last hour it has come on again but with a vengeance. The last time I cried like this there was a major upset in my life but I have nothing to be upset about. I'm finding it really difficult to cope with and don't know what to do. This isn't just a few tears it is full blown sobbing. I hope this is normal :confused:

I think I might go to bed and see if that helps.

Goodnight all.

Well as a guy I would say, "that's odd" :p Maybe I'm just not owning up to it ;)

I read earlier that you made such a big thing of saying goodbye to your last cig. Maybe some part of your psyche is mourning the loss of a 'friend'. But then as we all's not a friend, just nicodemon trying to suggest it's a loss when in reality it's a gain.

Keep busy over the next few days whilst you don't have your laptop. Each time you feel a crave get on and do something instead of dwelling upon it. Little by little you'll have changed your mindset and the pain of early craves dilute down to just a silly thought.

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