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Lung capacity/running question

Does anyone know how long it takes for lungs to fully recover, as in getting that second wind back. I run 3x a week and after 11 months of being quit i feel loads better obviously but today i was just very aware that my lungs aren't getting that full scoop of air that i could do with.

Any statistics or wisdom on here? Thanks. :)

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Well not sure this helps at all but this is my input from my so far short lived quits :mad:

I have COPD & when I smoke this is obviuosly very bad, shortness of breath on any exertion, feeling like you are drowning due to mucus on your chest = not very nice :eek:

As soon as I quit I don't get breathless & the mucus clears completely = no cough. Everything is silent & serene.

What I do know is that as soon as I start smoking again everything returns back to the way it was almost instantly.

What I am saying is when I quit everything seems so much better but obviously it isn't so it must take a while to get full capacity back even if it feels like you have.

Hope this makes sense, it's Friday & vino time lol :D

Gaynor xx


I can't give a too fancy science answer as psoriatic arthritis put paid to big workouts last year. However, not long after a year quit I had a lung function test and my lung age was younger than me I recall and very good. Keep at it I say, it will all come good. X


Takes time

After 9 month quit I asked my doctor for a spirometer test to convince me that all was as well as possible in the lung department.

I had this test done and the result was 95% efficient with the lung age being 60 (I am 55) and the doctor telling me that smoker's cannot expect there lung health to return to normal after we have been smoking so long (35 years) but he was surprised at my lung capasity. I beleive that our lung's are all diferent and the process of the body repairing the lung's will be different with each person and the reason I say this is that I have read that many people cough up dark colour phlem as the lungs repair themselfes but after smoking for 35 years I cough up nothing.But if you feel that your lung capasity has not returned? why not ask your doctor for a spirometer test if just to let you know that everything is o.k.



Thanks for replies. I think i might have one of them tests, what does it involve? any pain? i hate pain, proper wimp lol. Wouyld be nice to know how my lungs are doing. :)



I have to have a lung function test every year (to do with my job, not medical reasons) and all it comprises of is breathing into a thing that looks like a loo roll. No pain and takes about 3 minutes!

I was once told by a Doctor that if you have smoked for 24 years or less you can and will regain compete lung function. Not sure how true this is, because as if by chance, I was at the 24 year point!


OK thanks for the info. :)


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