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Question regarding quitting and asthma

Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone who has asthma has noticed it is triggered MORE often post-quit? I have had asthma all my life, but for the last four years have only needed an inhaler if I get a really bad cold. Since I have given up smoking I have been needing my inhaler a LOT more. When I exercise I feel better, but when I go somewhere dusty or with pets it is triggering my astma far more than in the past. I have just been to a friends for the weekend which could do with a good spring clean! Last time I was fine, this time it triggered all my allergies, coughing, wheezing, sneezing, puffy eyes.

Just wondered if anyone else had suffered this, and if not, at least knew the reasoning behind it? Not going to make me smoke again, but it is quite frustrating as I used to hate the days when I would always have to worry about visiting anyone in case it made me ill :(

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Hi Genes,

I cant be a hundred % certain, but i am thinking that maybe because your lungs are having a good clear out, this could be causing you to have to use the inhaler more?

I am thinking that maybe if you keep on coughing and coughing this could cause you to get a wheeze? (I know if my son has a cold and starts coughing and coughing it turns into a wheeze and so out comes the inhaler? )

Maybe have a trip to the doctors just to put your mind at rest, might be a good idea hun.

Snowie xx


Ok, been having a little search online and it seems asthma can and does get worse after smoking :( Also allergies.

The most logical reason I found for this is that smoking suppresses the immune system, asthma and allergies are both either 100% or at least in part caused by an overactive immune response. So smoking suppresses it.

Snow, I am going to book a doctors appointment. My wheesy-ness will appear without any coughing, just a permenant difficult to breathe out feeling (classic asthma - can breathe in but it is like the air is stuck inside). I have been hospitalised for my asthma several time (pre-smoking) so want to get myself back on the steroids before that happens again :(

This is actually very depressing, as I have been having a great quit, with few cravings. No intentions of going back to the smokes, but certainly a real downer to feel quitting smoking is making me feel worse...

Will keep pressing on..


Sorry, did not reply in full LOL - Snow, I have not got a cough. I had a cough the first week after the quit, but none since. This is a feeling of not being able to breathe in and out and the cough that I am now beginning to get is more related to that I think.

Have had to take my inhaler again and again today even though back home :(

Unfortunately, my salbutarol is not really doing the trick right now. Just trying to stay calm, as do NOT want a trip to hospital today especially as would have to take little one and he would be scared.


Hey hun,

If your salbutarol is not working hun, do not put off going to hospital, you know yourself it may get worse and im thinking that would scare your little one even more. Maybe if you go when you are calmer, it will make him calm ( hope that makes sense? )

Or maybe is there anyone that could have little one for you? Or do you have an out of hours doctor where you live?

Do try to stay calm ((hugs))

Snowie x


Just had a nice hot cupof tea, and that has helped ease things off. Thank you snow for the concern. I don't think I have been so frustrated for a while! I thought quitting was supposed to be good for you!


Glad the cuppa has eased it off for you hun :)

Well they do say, you can feel worse before you do actually start to feel better... hopefully things will get better for you soon, which i am sure they will.



This is a stinker isnt it. I have a peanut allergy which is mild when I smoke. when I dont it is severe and I start getting allergic to things that are distant relatives of the peanut- like peppers and potatoes.

My hope is that eventually my body will reach an equilibrium, but it definitely is to do with the immuno-suppressant aspect. I have a theory that this also links in some way to anxiety- I am scared of heights and flying, and this is always worse when I am not smoking, and it isnt an excuse- I am not looking for a reason to smoke, I like not smoking Trouble is that I dont think researchers into smoking are ever ex/smokers, so they dont know where all the really interesting findings might be.

I am sure that your asthma will stabilise in the end. Keep the faith.



Hi I also have astmha. I have noticed the cold weather deffo triggers mine. Im not to bad atm but, havnt been out of the house today yet. Hope you feel better soon.

Take care



Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the responses, feeling a lot better today and had a nice long nights sleep last night. Pretty sure it is being triggered more easily now I do not smoke. It is almost as if smoking blocked the allergies and now they can get in :(

I am going to book a doctors appointment later today and at least get my medications in order as not used anything for a long time (did not even have a ventolin inhaler until I quit and only got that I as remembered my asthma playing up last quit - not used it for years).

Will let you all know if the doctor has a theory. Hopefully will be ok for the week at least, but babysitting for my sister next weekend and she has a dog, so need to sort something out by then, or ask if I can watch her boy here (and she might be a bit offended if I tell her I am worried her house will make me sick!).


Evening Genes,

Glad to hear you felt better today hun.

How did it go at the doctors?

S x


Hey snow,

Not got to the doctors yet. Have so much going on have not really had the chance today. Off on holiday on Wednesday morning, so trying to sort everything out. Once I get a load of visa paperwork sorted tomorrow, I should know what is happening with that and be able to book an appointment. I live in a village and it can be a bit of a pain to get things done.

Thank you for the concern :)


Better to deal with it while you can see your regular Dr, not good being away on Hols and having to see some one who hasnt got your files in front of them and not able to diagnose with all the info.

Whats more important Health/Visa mmmmm no contest.

Not nagging just concerned that you are not getting the right attention for your chest.

Have a great holiday any way and stay smoke free.


Unfortunately as I have lived in several countries, no doctor seems to have half of my records!

Will be calling tomorrow, see if they can see me, if not will make an appointment for as soon as I get back. It has really calmed back down now, although Saturday night will be the test when I am back in allergy inducing territory (my sisters dog!).


Ok we will let you off then but takes some wipes so that if nothing elase you can keep surfaces clear of dust and hairs and open windows if possible.

But have a great break and see you when you get back x


Thank you! Yes, I have at least bought some hayfever stuff which should help if it gets bad. Not entirely convinced I will be opening windows while in deep dark Wales lol! :eek::eek: You guys would have to send a rescue party to defrost us!


gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRR - stupid allergies.

Our power cut out here at 9am this morning and did not come back on until 4pm. Not only is this highly inconvenient when I am going away tomorrow and trying to sort the house out, but also it rapidly got bloody freezing! So, went round my sisters, and, low and behold, within ten minutes of being there all my allergies were playing up - eyes puffy and watering, nose running, sneezing and coughing - my sister could not believe it as I have never been like that before.

Unfortunately, the Doctors also had a power cut so were only taking emergency appointments, so will have to wait until next week to get an appointment and medicine!


Yes , ever since I quit smoking my chest has literally been the worse ever, tight chest pain, choking feeling in throat, can’t get a full breathe, for three months now!! Used my mums inhaler and I can actually relax for once

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Welcome to our community Hypocrispy - congratulations and well done on stopping smoking, how long is it now?

As this post is over 7 years old and no longer active, perhaps create a new introductory post sharing your story.....


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