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My lungs are as healthy as a 65 yr old

I went to drs after i quit smokin and it turned out my lungs are that of 65 year old. I AM 28 thank god i went to get checked out it gave me a big insentive to stay quit as i felt close to caving. N I AM SO GLAD I QUIT SMOKIN WHO KNOWS what other damamge ive done to my internal organs its scary, it looks like ive got asthma n had it for a long time but thought i got out of breath due to smokin to much and ignored it for several years silly me, all those who get tempted to smoke ring your drs and make an appointment to have a spirometry done, find out how old your lungs are its a real eye opener scary but i sure as hell puts u of smokin ever again belive me.

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Gosh that's terrible, I'd definitely use it as inspiration never ever to put one of those stinky things in my mouth again!! Good luck and take care of yourself!


Quite a scarey thought and probably something most of us don't want to think about Suzy>

Not a criticism of your post btw just a thought on why not many have read or replied! ;)

However it does give a little bit of food for thought and is something we should consider if we ever feel like having a cigarette again.



thats probably true really when people used to tell me about smoking been extremely bad for u n it damagin ya lungs i just ignored it n thought ner not me daft sod that i am least i can repair some of the damage cos ive quit im lungs will never be 100% but i will get them as healthy as i possible can no more fags for me i dont even wana be round fags again let aloine smoke em:D


MIne were checked last year and thats when I decided to quit when they said 85 yr old.....Have them checked for work yearly.

I have not been back since because of laziness I guess,but I know its better than that now.


I will its coming up,waiting for all this allergy stuff to clear up first.

Probably down to 84yrs old


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