No Smoking Day
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This will be the last time I say hello to day 2!!!

Well hello day 2...haven't u thrown some challenges at me...Thanks for letting my kids jump in me at 5.30 this morning...although it was a better wake up call than the normal hacking cough I usually have...

After a day in the sun yesterday...iv decided on a day in today...The flat has never been so clean haha...even if Brooklyn and Harley have destroyed the living room already...oh well time to do it again...

I have had the odd craving today but I have the patch and I use the inhalator when a craving hits...

Another great day though...might pack some sandwiches and head for a walk with the boys

Who else is on day 2?

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Great job mate! Hello day 2 and goodbye day 2!!

I'm not far ahead of you, day 11 now.

Have a great day with your boys!



You've got six weeks of being constantly busy with your boys on their summer hols so no time to think about smoking! x


Day Two almost in the bag now Phil, and you can rest tonight in the sure & certain knowledge that your flat is sparkling and that you will never have to go through Day Two ever, ever again. :D

Fair play to you! :)


Well into day two now, and do hope it has not been as difficult as a maybe you anticipated!

Good luck for tomorrow and keep us updated please:cool:

Well done


Well done on day 2 Phil, your boys will be a great distraction for the next 6 weeks I'm sure. :)


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