No Smoking Day
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Day 26 :(

Thought I would be feeling great by now! Part of me is ... the other part of me is like a volcano ready to explode.....


Sleepless Nights AGAIN


Snoring AGAIN (and worse than last time!)

Dry Skin

Mood Swings AGAIN

It's like I'm back at day 1, off to the doctors to se what he can do for me!

Would be so easy to just pick up a fag and watch all this go away ... but I will NOT let 26 days go to waste.

I just wish people around me would stop feeling sorry for themselves when I get a bit tetchy, and realise that actually, this is way harder for me than it is for anyone else! (My Friends/Partner/Family I mean there lol ...)

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Geez, and there's me thinking i had it bad with the Sleepless Nights and Mood Swings.

Tis true when they say there's always someone worse off than yourself:D

Not that this has helped your problems but it sure as hell has helped mine ;):D


Not that this has helped your problems but it sure as hell has helped mine ;):D

Superb - love it!!:D

PK - if you take a look at some posts from neverstoptrying she has some excellent suggestions for dealing with most of your symptons, although the best of all is go and see your doctor which you are doing.


You can do it PK, deep breaths, positive thoughts, be kind to yourself ..... :)


sorry you are going through a hard time pk:( good luck with the dr. i know its tough but it is all temporary!! congrats on your 26 days :D


Thanks people, I have pills for the sleep issue, but only 14 days worth, doctor doesnt want me getting addicted to temazepam when I just got un-addicted to nicotine lol !

Snoring they can do something for, but not until my airways become clearer, I thought they were much improved, but until the big cough up, they arent ... :( cross that bridge when we come to it :D

Joined a Gym too ... thought that might help me, it has a steam room lol ... that should clear me out a bit ! :D

Good Luck to all ... and be back later to tell you all how day 28/(WEEK 4 YAY) has been for me ! :D X


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