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quitting again!

25-01-11. the big day. smoking my lungs out while posting this. bit scared but in a way excited. it is my 5th attempt but my 1st really serious attempt. i have watched family die from this habit and i do not want to go thru that experience. besides my 7 year old is nagging me as she thinks i,ll die soon from the habit. bloody schools!!!. wish you all the best with your attempts and good luck.

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Hiya and welcome.

Your kid sounds the same as mine... so I decided to stop on the 3rd of Jan, 3 weeks now and I haven't touch one fag :)

And boy do I feel good for it.. It's very rare that I think of smoking now and I will never look back.

Good luck

Tracey x


Good Luck!

Much as it's nice to do it for other people, thats when we fail!

Do it for you! And you WILL get there! :)

Good Luck!

24 days ago, I thought it was impossible .. it aint ;)

We're all here for you ! :)


Hey Steveo - good luck for your quit. I managed 5 days last week, then messed up at weekend....when i look back it really wasnt that bad...some iffy moments, but they lasted maybe 15 dont think about it ALL the time but when you are it can be tough. i think it's all about mindset.

Feel now like i'm ready to stop FOR GOOD.

As we're stopping at the same time i'll look out for your posts - good luck :)


Hi Steveo

Well done on deciding that now is the time to stop smoking that dreaded weed. This is a great place to be and everyone on here is like an extension of your own family. We have all been where you are now and i never thought i could do it either after a few failed attempts but here i am 3 months later and feeling good.

I dont think about them at all now so that is a plus and you too can do this. Take it one minute, one hour, one day at a time and try not to run before you can walk.

We are here to be moaned at if you need to, you can vent your frustrations as well as happiness on here so please keep on posting.

No one said it would be easy but it is possible, most of all DO IT FOR YOU and NO ONE ELSE as that is why i have failed in the past because others wanted me to stop and then i went back but this time i have done it just for me and its worked.

Keep reading and then read some more. Get a better idea of what to expect and stay strong

Good luck


Go you!!!

Hello Steveo,

Welcome to the 1st day of the rest of your life! I wish you all the luck in the world and I know that you can do it with all the support on this forum!!!


Welcome to the club!!

Hi Steveo, well done! To echo what others have said you HAVE to quit for you...i think part of that will always be kids etc, but if you do it for you you've got a much better chance of sticking to it.

I'm 73 days in (10 weeks 3 days!!) and i genuinely never thought i would get this far. I feel a million times better than i have done in years and am so glad i went for it.

Read everything you can and arm yourself with the knowledge and the tools to help you. Everyone is different - i used patches for the first 6 weeks or so, alongside lollies (they were a godsend) and mints, plus i've upped my gym time. All of this coupled with good support around me has really helped, especially this forum and the people on it :D

Good luck, you can do it!!


Welcome aboard Steveo!

I am on day 26 and I am starting to see a future that does not include thinking about figs. Use the forum, read and post when you are feeling strong And especially when you are feeling weak.


hi steve how are you doing with the quit??


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