No Smoking Day
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Made it to week 3!!!


So happy to be starting my third week today, didnt mkae to to this thread on my last quit attempt so really happy.

Havent used the NRT again since last week, so really happy about that too. Ive also given myself a reason now to stay quit. I plan on running the Leeds 10k in June, which I ran in 2007 and got a good time but havent done any running lately because Ive been smoking. So hopefully can stay of the fags, will start to train in march and will hopefully be nice and fit for the 10k in June.

Good luck to all!

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Hi Dave, well done breaking into the 3 week barrier and the 10k is an excelllent personal incentive to stay off the fags.


well done!! Me to on week 3 today and so proud of myself :) Good luck with the run too, good on you!! xxxx


congrats on 3 weeks:D 24 days for me today!! keep it up:)


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