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No Smoking Day
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Day 11 - craves worse than first few days???

am now 13 hours into day 11 and yesterday and today seem to be worse in some aspects - its easier to go through the day without it being controlled by cigarette time, but when a crave suddenly appears it seems to be far worse and harder to cope with than on the first few days of my quit.

This is quite unfeeling to me as I thought things would start to get easier by now. Guess it just goes to show you you are not out of the woods yet!! not by a long way, and after reading some of the posts here it appears even months down the road you can still get craves to tempt you back!!

going to stay strong and think of my holiday and much needed new car, I will have saved over £2800 by Christmas if I stay strong.

Hope everyone else is doing well too, especially bigrabbie who is on same day as me.

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Yep, that Nicodemon can sneak up on us when we least expect it :mad:

You're doing the right thing by focusing on a goal which helps you to strenthen your resolve.


I quit a few years ago for 18 months, & it's true that it never really goes away, but it's different to when you first quit. It's not the intense, "I must smoke, NOW RAAARGH!!" feeling that you get during your initial couple of weeks, it's more of a nostalgic pang, that in a lot of ways i found harder to put aside as it kinda catches you with your guard down.

At the time, i thought, "It's been 18 months, it's not like just one will harm me..."

I was back on 20 a day within a week.

Never give in!


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