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No Smoking Day
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had a bizarre dream

My Dream


in my dream i was in the middle of nowhere and had i bought 20 mayfair and in my dream i just wanted to smoke one cigarette to see wat it was like so i lit it and the instant releif if having one felt nice but the taste was horrible and made me cough and the cigarette finished really quickly i then gave the other 19 to a passer by and in doing that i felt bad that that person would be happy wen in reality he was killing himself.

My thoughts after waking up


i then woke up with a big jump and it left me with alot of confusing feelings first of all i want to know why i bought 20 when i only wanted one, wat a waste of money

why did i buy tailor made cigarettes wen i used to smoke roll ups

the coughing made me sad cause i havent wheezed or coughed since about day 3

the awful taste sort of gave me a feeling of confirmation that it would be like that in real life

and the strongest feeling was giving the 19 cigarettes to a passer by and knowing that i had made him happy cause he got free cigarettes but really it was killing him and he shouldnt be happy

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I think a lot of us will have had the I smoked a ciggie dream & woken up panicky, thinking did I didn't I? Take note from your dream & DON'T DO IT :D

Gaynor xx


I havent had any strange dreams yet and am on day 19.I have noticed how refreshed i feel first thing in the morning now though compared to when i smoked.



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