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No Smoking Day
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yeh im reopening a dream thread

first of all i do realise there is other dream related threads ! i thought if i commented on one my comment wouldn't get read because they are really old threads ! anyways . . . . . moving on swiftly . . . . dreams : 3 days ago had the most vivid and real seeming dream ever ! ( in my dream ) was in my bed and i turned too the side moved my 2nd duvet out the way , found two cigarettes and smoked both then got so angry at myself then woke up ! the silly thing is it annoyed me for the whole day ! lol 2nd dream last night : dreamt i was walking down the street casually smoking a fag then again felt so angry then woke up and because it seemed so real i actually began to question myself whether i has smoked or not ! LOL wow my sub conscious is toying with me ! if you had any dreams like this or any smoking dreams please share them ! stay srong everyone ! keep kicking cigarettes butts ! lol

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Ahh the smoking dreams lol. Yes i had a couple and i must admit it was strange. It depends how you look at it really, it could be part of the healing process, your missing the fags so you get to have one no two ;) in your sleep which has to be healthier than in waking life. Or, Mr nicodemon is trying to weedle his way in via your dreams in which case when you wake up just say no it's not going to work so bugger off lol.

Smoking dreams seem very real, mine have passed thank god now, oh i did then go on to dream about sharks, in fact i still do, sea life stuff is my dream theme at the moment with some very large and very strange creatures ut there we go. :D


amazing ! you really enjoy those dreams i predict !


Hi, I have dreamt of smoking for the past two nights. I too wake up feeling so disappointed in myself. How are these dreams so vivid, I never remember dreams but I do with thes ones. As long as they remain in my sub conscious I am happy :D


Dream interpretation

The sea symbolizes life and spirituality in dreams, except when dirty or polluted, in which case it symbolizes your circulatory system.

I found this explanation on a dream interpretation site, thought that it was quite accurate given your circulation is meant to improve when giving up smoking.....

I know i'm sad for looking it up and it wasn't even my dream, however i do find it all kinda interesting.

Hope everyone has had a good weekend



I had a dream about two kittens, bengal are they called? those tiger type kittys. They were nice but the one i wanted to take home did a vanashing act so i couldn't pick it up. Didn't bring a kitty home. woke up thinking wheres my kitten? lol.


Out of my previous quits I have always experienced the vivid and somewhat disturbing dreams every single night, and true to fashion they are back, but last night for the first time I had a smoking dream. I woke up in a panic at 5:30am and cannot tell you how relieved I was that it was a dream! I was so upset when I thought it was real. I could taste the smoke in my dream and everything! I was smoking with friends having a wine outside a bar sat down in the sun!! Look what my brain is trying to do!! Its telling me that the smoking goes well with the things I enjoy....funny how it didnt put me outside in winter, in the cold and rain and wind, trying my best to get shelter whilst trying to light a cig without getting it wet etc etc!! Sneaky little devil :D


I'm absolutely loving my vivid dreams. I walked to the south pole a few nights ago :cool:

I'm guessing its caused by the 24 hour patches I've been wearing? I will be sad to see them go.


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