No Smoking Day

Had another smoking dream

...7 months after putting out my last cigarette cold turkey.

Just at random, i dreamed I was smoking and woke up pissed off about it.

No idea why that happened, I never even think about smoking anymore, even when people smoke around me - then all of a sudden my brain gives me a hint that part of it is still in smoker mode.


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That happens,

I am at a year and every few months have had a smoking dream. What gets me is I will have a dream where I notice I am smoking then it becomes about me smoking. Weird... I smoked about 40 a day for 10 years. Its good that you haven't looked back!!! Also are you getting mad because you had the craving or mad that you were smoking in the dream and didn't want to smoke?



omg i opened this up coz of the title as i am only two weeks in, and not even thought about smoking yet night before last i had a really vivid dream i was smoking.. when i woke up i was so pissed of like i had had one for real..but see in my dream i went and hid and lit up the ciggy... whats that all about no good hiding from me i was the one having the dream lol.. anyway just good to know im not alone ..



you're certainly not alone katie, I think lots of us have these weird dreams, I know I did though I haven't for a while. Guess it takes a while to teach the brain that we don't actually need old nic anymore! In any case, better to dream than to do it right? For once.. that's true, it's usually the other way around!:)


Yeh the thing is I am a VERY deep sleeper. I have wild dreams practically all of the time and waking me up is hard work and it usually takes me a couple of minutes to come to any state of sense once I am awake anyway(You know when you wake up but carry on talking in the context of your dream, much to the amusement of whoever woke you - I do that ALL the time lmao)

So as Katie said, I thought it had really happened for a good few minutes.

Then when I did realise I was still nicotine free I thought....WTF, seriously?!?


Oh and Callumsgran that is fantastic, I remember you saying that before - it made my day. Congratulations on your quit - fantastic!!!!!

Grinfire - Thanks man

KT - I was thinking it was just me as well, thanks christ for this place huh?!

Steveh - How do old friend?



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