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New member on day 8


My name is Ian and I have just joined the Forum after reading it for a few days now. This time round I am using Champix to stop and have for stopped 8 days so far. I have just started my 3rd week on Champix. However, I have had nausea, headaches and a little tiredness. Last week I did have a very bad day where I felt very sick and ended up being physically sick through the day and night. I must admit after going through that day, it made me even more determined to quit. After doing some reading, I did find that eating something substantial before taking the tablet and drinking lots of water does seem to stop the nausea, so fingers crossed. I am my wifes carer as she has mental health problems, which doesn't always help with packing in, but the fact that her father has just died, isn't helping a great deal either. It's not always easy, but I make sure that packing in doesn't affect the way I am with her and I also make sure that I am there when she needs me. The way I see it, is that if I can pack in now, I will be able to stay off the ciggies later. Anyway, I am going to make a move now and hopefully get to know you all a bit better as time goes by.

Many thanks


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Welcome to the Forum, Ian :)

Congrats on day 8 :cool:

Quite a set of circumstances you are dealing with and I take my hat off to you. As a 3 year plus quitter I can tell you that it is possible to stop...not only that but life is a lot easier without the added stress that nicotine engenders in you.

Couple bits of advice: Keep reading, reading, and read some more. Get a deeper understanding of what is happening to you as you gradually move from being a smoker to not. I can tell you that it does make a huge difference in terms of the difficulties people face as they go through the initial few months plus.

Other than that post when you feel shit, when you feel good....and enjoy :)



Thanks Cavalier,

Believe me, this time I am going to succeed as I have tried twice before lol. As far as my circumstances are concerned, I just think it makes quitting more interesting, that way, any problems don't seem to be sooo big. Anyway, I will post again as I continue to stop smoking and I will also probably have days when all I want to do is moan. But I will get there in the end, it wouldn't be as much fun without the odd moan lol.


Hi Ian


well done, i am also on day 8 but went cold turkey, like you i am a carer for my wife who has progressive MS and know just how stressful it all can be. Be strong and keep the faith as your through the worst of it.



Ian/Marcus you're unsung hero's.

Best wishes to you both and the people on this forum will be here for you in your hours of need...............

..... unless it's a Saturday night and i've collapsed under the table bladdered as usual crying "I just want one puff" ;)

Keep smiling guys, a smile is contageous and makes the world a brighter place.


hi all

im new on day 8 too , well done you 2 and under trying circumstances as said your heroes



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