2½ years

Today marks 2½ years, AKA 30 months AKA 914 days smoke free, so tonight I shall celebrate by doing nothing remarkable as its really nothing remarkable to stay stopped any more. Not smoking is just normal.

FWIW its home made burgers for dinner and I'm hoping to get out and do 20 miles on the bike to try and shift some of the weight I put on over Christmas and since the weather was too icy to cycle safely.

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  • wow that is so great:) i hope i will be where you are in 2 years!! congrats to you on the wonderful accomplishment!! you give me hope..it can be done :D

  • Well done Nic xx

  • Congrats Nic.Time flies when your having fun.:D

  • Many congratulations Nic, hope you enjoyed your day and your burgers.


  • Today marks 2½ years .... Not smoking is just normal.

    It's a good place to be :)

    At 15 months I get a good share of that 'place' too.

    Congrats to you, Nic :cool:

  • Congrats Nic, cantering along behind you.

    2 1/2 yrs - ruddy heck eh?


  • Awesome! Good. Very good. I enjoy that place too!

  • That's an amazing accomplishment! not just the not smoking (it may not seem hard to you but there are many people who are struggling what will be happy to read that it does get easier) but also the great attitude to life you seem to have (I don't know if you enjoyed cycling before).

    Hope you enjoyed your burgers :)

  • Well done Nic

    Great news

    I dont come on here very often now days but sa great to to come on and hear news like that.

    I fast approaching the 2 year mark myself and never thought i'd get here.

    It wasnt easy in the begining but not smoking is the norm now it does get eaiser

  • Thanks all.

    Yes the burger (not plural as I'd initially thought :( ) was lovely and the cycle ride was rather wet but enjoyable none the less as I'm well wrapped up against the elements. Just over 1400 calorie burn in 1:45 hilly riding slower than normal due to the heavy rain hampering visibility and slowing descents.

  • :Dwell done you and others like you are certainly inspirations :D

  • Congratulations Nic & well done to you mate ....over 2 years & feeling that not smoking is normal ...... must be about the best anyone could ask for out of quitting smoking :)

  • Nic, congrats its been a while. Another old dog still keeping fags in check.

  • Well done

    Congrats Nic, not been here for a while but i'l be 2 years on 9th March--wonder where the rest of the mad march quitters are.

    Thanks for all your support back in the long first year-much appreciated,

  • Nic,

    Congratulations - you give me hope. And thankyou for still coming back here occasionally to encourage those of us just starting out. It means a lot.


  • Congratulations Nic, I hope to be posting a similar post in years to come.

    Oh and I've coined your phrase about 'ongoing mental alignment' hope you don't mind ;)

    Thanks for posting this milestone though it does help newbies and us serial quitters know there is life even after the penthouse :)

  • Ditto Tinks, I've stolen that one too :P

    Amazing Nic, thank you for updating us... I'm at 5 months and thinking not smoking should be normal by now... it's not! I just have to be patient... and your post shows me that :)

  • Bumped!!!!

  • Thanks all.

    Tinkerbell, you are welcome to the phrase and I've found its quite true.

    Currently I'm being tested in a way I've not experienced before.

    A few from way back may remember that my Brother in Law was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Well a couple of years on, several operations, bouts of radio and chemo have failed and now he's approaching the end.

    He's in the hospice, some days are better than others but it would seem that hope that he would just slip away quietly and quickly isn't going to happen and it seem likely to be a drawn out slow process.

    Now I'm not a smoker any more and I don't think of smoking much and I don't desire a smoke but there is still the occasional nagging feeling that a fag would make me feel better.

    Clearly I won't succumb as I know that it won't actually help and I recognise it for what it is, a memory that smoking was my emotional crutch, but still ones guard should be up and stay up or that insidious beast which is nicotine can trick you back even after a long time.

  • (((Hugs))) Nick, for your brother-in-law. Life really is a bitch sometimes.

    I am glad we are both now in that place when we can see nicotine for what it really is.

    I am so pleased to say that my darling daughter stopped smoking about 6months after I did. I finally showed her a good example I guess.

    I am currently trying to convince my sister, who has just found out she has angina, that the fags are really not necessary.

    Remember CatWoman's Nicodemon story? That as a good one for me - can't find it though :confused:

  • Remember CatWoman's Nicodemon story? That as a good one for me - can't find it though :confused:

    This the one?


  • Nic! You are wonderful! (Guess you already know that huh?) lol ;)

    I have printed this out for my sister - she's not into technology so has no pc or email! :eek:

    I used to think about the Ol' Nicodemon Story a lot in the early days of my quit (Oh, the memories! :) )

    Thanks CatWoman - wherever you are xxx

  • I normally don't go back over threads i've posted on but i'm sure glad I did this time. I remember you saying about your b in law. How awful to be now in this situation. A true testing time for you and your family. All I can say is I hope the end is as kind as it could be. You are a good man nic, always around to support you if needed and I am sorry for you and your family. Fi x

  • I'm sorry to read your news, Nic. It's been a while since you first broke the news of your BiL's brain tumour...hopefully from then to now there's been a lot of love involved in the journey. Hopefully it will be a quiet end for him, whenever it comes.

  • My BIL passed away late this afternoon, its never good to lose someone but I am pleased that he is finally at rest.

  • Wishing you strength at this difficult time. :(

  • My thoughts are with you and your family, Nic :(

  • Wishing you all peace and happy memories :(

  • Very sorry to hear this, Nic, my condolences to you and your family. :(

  • Oh Nic I am so sorry. A release for your brother in law, but that doesn't help much for you, your sister or the rest of the family.

    I'm sure there isn't a person on this forum that doesn't wish you and your family all the best

  • Thanks all,

    Obviously it will be hardest for my sister and she is our main concern, but we are all relieved that his suffering is over.

    It had appeared that he was going to have a protracted and unpleasant end to his life, the hospice had basically said that he would have to be moved to a hospital which would have distressed him greatly, but he didn't know yet.

    As for me I think its time to get myself on the outside of a reasonable quantity of whisky, not a single thought of smoking though.

  • I can't think of anything useful to say so I just send a x.

  • Sorry to hear hear about the loss of your BIL. When it hurts to look back & you are to scared to go forward, look beside you & your friends will be here.

  • Deepest condolences to you and your family Nic.


  • Sorry to hear of your BiL passing Nic, glad he didn't for as long as you feared.

  • Aw Nic My love only now seeing this post.

    all my thoughts to you and your family.xxxxxxx

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