No Smoking Day
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Friday 14th January 2011 - Day 14

Psych'd to still be here!

Psych'd to still be smoke free!

Psych'd to see alot of you still posting!

Good Job to us all ! The rough stuff comes now: BCO is on its way

(Body Clear Out)

I intend to still be here in another 2 weeks, and I intend to see you all there too!

I dont even have a craving now, all is good ! :D

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Heya PK2011, well done! Love your positive attitude... keep your guard up just in case.. it only takes one hell of a craving to get you to light up again so stay on your toes :)

btw, I hated coffee on the first 2 months of my quit also! Even now if I smell it when I'm feeling queazy it doesn't really help things... wierd huh?


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