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Day 12 - really hard

Probably had the worst day since I gave up. Really craving 'just one'. But stuck at it by eating grapes and jaffa cakes!!!! Good thing is that the smell of a ciggie really disgusts me now so the 3 smokers around me are helping in a strange way. They don't smoke in the house or in front of me but they stink!!!! So hopefully tomorrow I will have less cravings and carry on being strong

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Be strong stay long ,well done for getting through the day its all about staying power .

i was suffering last night and all day today finally i have started to pick up and feeling good about myself thats the thing it can all be going well and then boom it gets a grip on you and brings you down we owe it to ourselves to beet this addiction hang in there



well done on getting through to day 12 :) the nicotine demon will try and draw you back at every turn abit like a kid having a tandrum when its not getting what it wants but you just have to ignore it and get through the craving because thats what it is at the end of day just another craving get through it read threads on here postings on here or just post another thread at the end of the day everyone that is on here knows what your going through and you will get through it it will have times where its hard but the longer you go the more more you will have times where its easier


Congrats on staying strong I was really struggling a few days back, but now it's a lot easier. Strange the way you can have easy days then hard days guess it's our bodies learning to cope again without smoken. I still like the smell of someone smoking and can smell it from really far away ( the other side of a car park today!). Yet stale smoke on someones Clothes completley knocks me sick! Keep up the great work x


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