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Help - on a merry-go-round!

Hey all

Has anyone else done this on their quits. Give up for a few days cold turkey....then cave in to the evil cravings and go down the shop, buy some fags, smoke one or two......get very cross with yourself......throw the fags away. THEN.......give up for another day or 2........then cave in again........go down the some more fags.........etc etc etc.

I've been seriously trying to quit for a few weeks now. Then the devil in me makes up some excuse to have a few. Its costing me a fortune!!! :rolleyes:

I've tried patches etc before but they make me feel ill.

I want to do this cold turkey. I did it once before and quit for 2 years!


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Hey doglover,

Think you've just described the experiences of a fair few quitters and failed quitters. I used to be fine all week until Fridays and then had a few cigs with a few beers after the working week was done. Man, that was crazy....I drink strong lagers and then add into the mix a cig and the tobacco went straight to my heid. Dizzy as all hell and it looked as though I'd been mainlining junk. Not a pretty sight :o

It seems that you've got into the rut of stopping and expecting to just take up again and then quit. That is a rut and you're gonna have to just bite the bullet and say no when you are tempted. Make plans for those times...think of diversions. One person posted recently that she is hitting water bottles and sipping each time she gets a crave. I did that too in this last quit...which by the way is successful and my final one.

If you want to stop smoking you can do it...but to stop smoking you have to....not do it. Not doing it is great, believe me. It's a fantastic experience in so many different ways, you get your life back and feel you are in command rather than being commanded by nicotine. That's just one of the many benefits.

Keep on keepin' on,


PS: I quit CT too.


Thanks Cav, great comments

I'm really annoyed with myself today, but tomorros is another day and hopefully the day I quit for good!

You're totally right, I need to say 'no' to the craves and not give in. As my report would say, 'must try harder!':(


That's me

You have describe what I do to a T! I want to quit and go a few days or wahtever then bam go and buy some smoke a few or all the beat myself up and have to start all over. This time I really want to try real hard and do it cold turkey but have the patch at hand for if I have a few beers. It's just frustrating to keep on failing and beating myself up, I'm tired of it and want to QUIT!



... I'm tired of it and want to QUIT!


Hey Mic,

That there is good enough. Just follow it through...easier said than done. Come back in a read up, ask questions, participate.

Sorry, having to keep replies brief as I'm reliably informed that I get paid to work not support :o

Join in and I'm sure we can steer you in the right directions.



That was me! And i'd do it secretly and not tell anyone. Then i'd get the extra adrenalin hit of doing something I percieved was naughty.

What did it for me was 'coming out' on this forum. Once i'd done that I realised I was only kidding myself, the whole thing seemed pointless and I set about re-educating myself and learning from others experiences.

This is the one and only time I have ever quit without a secret or not so secret purchase of a packet of 10.

Feels bloody amazing. Give it a go. What have you got to lose!


ERR- UM -not me at all, no sirree.....;)

I keep lapsing to tell you the truth, but I realise i mustn't give myself permission for it to happen (and give myself permission again, and then give up etc. etc.)

I've been doing this for over a year, and every time nicomonster says just one (he's a lying g*t by the way) it turns into a packet, a day or even a week of smoking.

Each time i feel like it's just gonna be a night off, it's really a major setback, and i then feel pants, and have readdicted myself to the bl**dy things!

To give up, you have to accept there can never be anymore cigarettes for you, for any reason....:rolleyes:

If this fills you with dread, just take it one day at a time, or even one hour. The whole quit becomes a lot easier the further you get away from the last one, until you don't think about them anymore. Then don't get blase' and have jsut one to see what will happen....:(

My advice anyway for what it's worth, first quit July 1st, 08.

Many mini quits within the quit.....:cool:


Hi doglover, Sounds grim and I'm sure that afterwards you wish you hadn't had that cigarette.

Like everyone else says, the only way is not to buy that packet, not to put that cigarette in your mouth and not to smoke it.

Try to feel good about each day that passes without a cigarette. Congratulate yourself on every step. It does get easier



Hi Doglover

You are describing all my previous quit attempts !! This one started with the same attitude but then I found this site- also at the beginning I said to myself that I am free to go buy a packet as long as I accept that I shall be back on almost two packs in a couple of days.. I just kept leaving it till later and am beginning to feel good about the quit. Good luck keep reading and posting I know it helps


Its a good attitude to take. I found that using the woofmang mantra of 'its all about choices' helped me. Each day and hour that goes by you make the active choice not to smoke. Making the choice, rather than feeling you are not allowed to smoke somehow makes it easier in your head. An addict will buck against the idea they are being forced to stop.

8 months down the line it still rears its head occasionally but its a mostly automatic thing I now do to make that choice.


me too!

That sounds like the past 18 months of my life, I think I quit every week! I stopped on Saturday and haven't had one since and when I think about buying that 10 pack, I remind myself it's only the 1st one I want, it's not to sit and chain smoke 10 so therefire it's just the nicotine and I can get over that, Im not risking illness just to get that!


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