So tired I may need to crawl back to bed

Another night of disturbed sleep. I am knackered this morning. I am tempted to crawl back into bed but then that could make things worse tonight. I think I will run instead.

Apart from the disturbed sleep, I think I am coping ok. I still have a wee bit of a short fuse but I am feeling less cranky. I spent last night reading all the articles on why quit and other links I found here. I am determined to remain vigilant this time.

Time for some green tea, a quick tidy up then off to the park to shake out the cobwebs, I think. Have a good day!

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  • Keep the spirits up, I am on the same boat as you. I seem to have REALLY bad nightmares and then when I wake it takes me ages to settle and therefore never feel I have had a good sleep.

    From what other people say, that only lasts a coouple more days and then your sleeps IMPROVES because your breathing is easier.

    Best of Luck for today

    Jill xx

  • Thanks, Jill.

    I went for a run and I feel perky now. Onwards and upwards!

  • Glad to hear it :)

  • Keep it going Ellie, with a positive attitude like that I've a good mind to nip to the bookies and have a bet on you. David

  • David, keep your money for a wee while longer. It's early days but this time I will take each day at a time and try not to get complacent.

  • Well done! Sleep interruptions are doing my head in, but atleast I can gt up the stairs without wheezing now ! :D hehehe !

  • Well done! Sleep interruptions are doing my head in, but atleast I can gt up the stairs without wheezing now ! :D hehehe !the sleep thing is the only issue I have with this quit... its driving me nuts... my right foot wants to go for a walk the second I get into bed.... I thought I'd have an early night tonight, but the second my head hit the pillow, BAM, the foot wants a walk ffs... anyway, I am very fortunate that thats the only problem I'm having with this quit, although, I only had 3 hours last night and my foot is keeping me awake tonight.:(

    still not something that I can't cope with. :D

  • Day 5

    I slept a bit better. Still don't feel rested but I think it is getting better.

    I have had a busy morning. I have been making soups to stock up my freezer. I also finished off my ironing. DH is working from home today so I can smell his cigarette smoke but I have shaken off any craves.

    I wish the rain would stop. I would love to go for a walk after lunch.

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