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Cold Turkey

Hi everyone, I've smoked since I was 13 and I'm now 37 and super unhealthy, I found this forum and have already watched the s17 posted smoking vids and thanks, I've tried to pack in loads of times and have failed but only 4 where really serious attempts with the longest going for 9 days, I hate smoking now but obviously don't hate It enough but now I'm fed up of It and this forum might be the missing key to it, It's not a new year thing It's just another attempt, I've now gone 5 hours from my 30 a day filth and I'm getting irrative, sooooo hard but I've not cracked yet also I'm In work and I can't move for another 9hrs :eek: thanks Lee.

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My throats starting to feel weird as well,

like it's starting a repair job but is going to

get worse before it gets better.


It's bit like a diary on here but it's already helping me:D

6 hrs + and I'm eating like a horse


Well done you :) and welcome this site and the people on here are all either in the process of quitting or have quit so you get advice support and even laughs

as you have to keep laughing its a great way to relieve stress :)

so read some of the threads and post as often as you like because you need to keep hands and mind busy when your feeling a craving coming on

They do pass and get easier

Onwards and upwards is the way to go

Regards Carol



Thanks for the welcome and advice carol, I've had a look through

some posts on all levels from horror stories to great stories but

seems that these are the required things to pack in so here I go.

Good luck everyone.


Hello :)

You have made that first step and said that you hate smoking, i think thats an important thing to look at.

In my 18yrs i never once said i hated smoking.... not until id made the subconcious decission to quit. Somewhere deep down i decided to quit, i used the excuses of keeping my car on the road and not being able to afford it... but if i really wanted to keep smoking, i would have found a way... like i did for all them 18yrs.

Keep at it hun :)

We all no its hard before it gets easy... and sometimes we cringe and say "its a rollercoaster"

I say we cringe... thats because everytime i say "rollercoaster" in that way, in regards to life.... i always think of that annoying rohnan keating song :rolleyes:


Hi and thanks for the post, yep, over the last 4 months or so I've really

hated smoking but It's still been like a noose around my neck and even though

I've smoked for so long it's time to get rid, not long till I get to my first 12hr

mark, I've got strong craving for my Regal Kings but tolerable at min, but the

rate I'm eating is ridiculous, from what I've read It seems day 2,3 and 4 are

bad and I'm deffo not looking forward to week 3 as it sounds hideous & I've

never packed in for that long so If I make that far It new ground.


Hello Steelfixer, i have replied to you on the 1 year+ forum, read it my friend, you can do it, resist and it will become easier.

Take care and be strong.


Thanks for the advice MrMarks, I'll go have a look now :)


day 2, 3 and 4 i was ok with, but i did the first 8 days with patches.

I wont lie, week 3 is evil, i hated it.. but i was also off sick from work so i dont know if that added to my week.

Im comming up to my 5th week now, its rare i think about them, they arnt cravings imo.... just twinge from my memory. I even tollerated smokers in my house from 11:30 christmas day, till 11 christmas night :)

Just keep comming back on here an posting as an when you want to, imo people dont post enough.... the general section is a bit dead. I suppose it because people use this as support and not "fun"

Ah well

Keep up the good work :)


Yeh packing in smoking never going to be fun and congrats on having the smokers in the house for nearly 12 hrs, good test I suppose, thats music to my ears that on week 5 the cravings are weak

although I know not everyone's the same I'd like to think this time around I'm determined enough to do It, as for posting It be posting on It most nights as it's helping me already and IF i do give up then

new people might want to have a read, who knows.

Thanks all :):):)


Well I've now officially gone over 12 hrs without a fag, yes I'm gagging but not in a "you're deffo going to cave way" It's bit weird but certainly not nice as expected, If I eat any more I'm going to explode, the frighting thing about that

is that somethings telling me that I'm still hungry when I've ate that much it should be impossible to be hungry.


OK bud. Keep going with the non-smoking and my best advice is to get mr carrs book.


Just suck it up and do it. There are many people on here that pretend to quit smoking, are you one of them?

Do it. Focus. Commit. Don't whine. Don't stray. Be strong.


There are many people on here that pretend to quit smoking, are you one of them?

Although I appreciate your post I don't appreciate being questioned if I'm still smoking when I've clearly stated that I've quit, what would be the point in saying I've quit when I've not, what a narrow minded waste of time that would be, in a couple of hours it will be over 24hrs, not got the strong craving as my last attempt but have got plenty of others that I didn't have last time on the second day, light head tight chest etc, oddly the hungers gone at the min anyway.


Thanks all for the intros and advice on day one, if I do and hopefully not start again I'll be straight on to post it, BUT I've not and I'm off to day two.:)


Anyone about to start day one reading this, you can do day 1, if I can then anythings possible and good luck.


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