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My 1st day (for the 3rd time!)


Hello all!

This morning (or rather last night) I have quit smoking.

The first time I tried this, I lasted 1.5 days - not good!

The second time, I lasted 3 weeks, then went on a night out - and that was the end of that!

This was 18 months ago, and now I have quit for my 3rd and final time.

I have now quit for my 3rd and final time.

I really really want to succeed this time - I'm sick of smoking. It costs me too much money, it's ruining my health, and it's a total inconvenience to me.

I'm 21 years old and have smoked since I was 14. Yikes!

Anyway, my main stumbling block seems to be that I'm actually scared to quit!

I've been doing it so long, I feel as if it's part of me, and that I'm losing a little bit of myself when I lose my cigarettes! I worry people won't like this 'new' me - and I know this is very childish, but what if they think I'm boring cos I no longer smoke!

I'm the only one of my friends who smoked anyway, but it was kind of the only naughty thing I did.

Does anybody else feel like this, or am I just a total fruit loop?!


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Hi Violet,

Good decision your quittting, before you end up like us OLD folks. COPD, coughing a lung up, stink, stained teeth and hands. Your fears are the nicotine telling you that so you will keep on smoking. The fear is like anything else that is unknown. Take one moment at a time. Realize you are the same person not smoking. Your nonsmoking friends will appreciate the fact that they don't have to compensate for your smoking habits. Take each craving one at a time. Stick to the water, add some lemon, it really works. Don't ever think anyone won't like you or you will be boring. They will probablly pat you on the back and will give you morale support if you ask them. Let people know you are quitting, give them a chance to praise you and give their support. Come here often. You will find tons of support and advice.

Good luck

Hi Violet,

welcome and congrats on deciding to quit :) Don't be scared, we all felt like you're feeling now, unsure about who we might become after quitting, totally afraid of losing something that is such huge part of our personality - or so we thought ;). Feeling uncomfortable during the very first days is the rule and it's due to the fact that smoking is a very real (and widely underestimated) addicition, but you will succeed! Of course your friends will love the new you! you will love the new you, and there's no way smart people won't support and approve and like the new, non smoking you! Oh, and I agree with nyhardhat, tell everybody you've quit, you'll receive tons of support and it will help your commitment - trust me it's definitely harder to let yourself even slip when the entire building you work in and all of your friends know you quit :D

Welcome Violet!!

hi violet!

well done on deciding to quit!! ESPECIALLY COLD TURKEY!!

dont think about the other times you've failed!it doesn't matter, just stick to what you're doing now:D YOU CAN DO THIS!! be strong, with everyone on here willing you on, it will get easier i promise!

theres nothing to be afraid of! if you don't have another ciggie(and you're really craving one,and you've no way of getting one) just think....NOTHING BADS GONNA HAPPEN! THE WORLD WILL STILL REVOLVE!it's not gonna kill me cos i've not got a smoke(BUT IT IF YOU CARRIED ON SMOKING, IT COULD!.........................HOPE NOT:eek: )

just trying to keep positive thoughts in you're head:)

have you read ALLANS CARRS EASYWAY TO STOP SMOKING BOOK? it does help, and makes you realise what a slave you have become to the dreaded nicotine monster.

hope this helps


good luck.luv poskit.x

Hello VioletSky!

Welcome to the forum - I hope you have a great stay.

I'm delighted that you posted because what you're saying is very similar to how I felt when I quit. I understood EXACTLY what you mean about the FEAR of giving up. I started smoking because of the 'other weed' and enjoyed too many things about the life style. Each time I took a puff I *knew* it was bad for me but the thought of giving up filled me with dread because I worried I was losing connection with those people who I used to smoke with.

But then I DECIDED to become a non smoker. (I have this thing about decision - I'm not sure if it's really bad form to quote yourself, so all I'll say is have a look at this thread where I just go on about it so long that I nearly embarrass myself - a bit like now in fact!) It's just a matter of reframing the FEAR to become a fuel to help you to stop (a technique used in hypnotherapy all the time). But you really have to decide. A want just won't get you anywhere.

Anyway, my smoking friends looked at me as if I had gone loopy. "Adrian the rebel, stopping? Nah. You'll be back on them in a couple of days!" Actually, THAT helped me just as much as the kind words of encouragement that I got from the guys and girls (you know who you are!) on this site. I'm a stubborn s*d and no one is going to tell me that I can't do something! Anyway, a couple of weeks afterwards I went for a beer with the same said friends, stood outside the pub with them whilst they smoked and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I got a huge HUGE kick out of saying "No" and really REALLY meaning it. The buzz that I got from being in CONTROL was far far greater than any high from a cigarette and was a massive reward for those early days of cravings. And I got another pleasant bonus: one of those friends has now given up! And he asked me for my help and support!

Anyway. Congratulations on your decision to quit. You know all the reasons why you MUST do it. Don't be so hard on yourself about the fact that this is your 3rd attempt! You now know what caused your last slip; imagine how you will feel, when in a similar situation, you recognise the danger signs and decide "No, this is not going to happen this time!" Part of the addiction with smoking is as much ROUTINE as it is NICOTINE - break the routine and something different WILL happen!

Congrats again. I'm very excited for you!

Hi everyone, and thanks so much for your support and encouragement.

I won't lie, it's been a TOUGH 36 hours, but here I am! I got the 'oh what's the pojnt' feeling at lunchtime today, but I just told myself that I'm stronger than that, I don't NEED to smoke!

Thanks especially to Diablo, it's good to know I'm not the only one who feels that way. I guess I'm going to have to find some other way to be a rebel haha!

Anyway, I threw out all of my ashtrays etc last night, which seemed to smell so much worse after a day not smoking, so theres even less temptation for me!

So, day 2 now, and looking good.

I have a feeling the weekend may be challenging, but I'll worry about that when the time comes.

Thanks again people, and congratulations on your success to all of you too!


Hi Violet,

Thanks for the thanks(!) - I'm just doing my bit. The guys on here have been fantastic and I'm just trying to 'give a little back'.

The weekend will be fine. Just image how you'll feel on Monday morning, knowing that you've completed your first weekend as a non smoker! You are going to be sooo excited and won't be able to wait to tell us all about your success!

Talking of telling people about success, here's something that might help you:

If the future, non smoking you could travel back in time and be there for you during this coming weekend, what advice would your future self give you? And if the present you could NOW travel back in time to the past you, just before that very first cigarette, well what you say to yourself?

Ok. So it's something to think about, so please no comments about De Loreans or Doc Brown. OK?

Stick with it Vi. You've come a long way already.

55 mins of the weekend left Vi.... was it for you? ;)

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