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Smoking dream!

Hi All,

Wow- last night i had the most vivid dream in which i was smoking.

I reckon its because last night i was so excited to not have to make the same new years resoloution that i had made for the 5 yrs previously- to quit smoking!!

Feeling great entering 2011 as a non-smoker!

How are you all doing? Sorry i havent been around much, but i dont really think about smoking anymore- unless i come on this forum.

On Jan 8th it will be 5months since i quit!!

Its gone so fast.

This new years resoloution? To lose a stone and a half that i put on when i quit!

Happy new years!

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well done claire, pretty soon you'll be at the half year! i also put on at least a stone and a half since quitting, but i think it looks kinda good on me, so gonna keep it :)

enjoy your smoking in dreams!


Hi Claire and well done ,im a month behind you with my quit and i never thought about it being my first yr as a non smoker . sounds good thanks for that .


Not even going to go down the road of telling about my dreams when I first quit, only to say they were most realistic mmm as for smoking in them I didnt dream about smoking till I was well well into my quit so wonder why that was.

Enjoy them they do go eventually and I missed mine LOL


iv been quit for only 17 days and iv had 3 smoke dreams already!! 5 months:D good for you..take a bow---you really deserve it:D


Hey Andrew! Does your wife know of your new role and location?

I think you better be on your way home now and stop this messing:mad:

How considerate, a spammer who edits :rolleyes:


i had a smoking dream this morning, i dreamt i was at work and something had gone a bit awry and decided the best thing to do was to have a smoke - but in typical dream fashion i couldnt find my cigs, had a good look round the workplace and eventually found them, but no lighter! in the end after a frustrating search i got a lighter, and so began to make my way outside, but of course the building was different from normal and i just couldn't find the exit, but after a long long walk through many doors i finally found the exit -a wave of releif washed over me and i.... woke up!! nooooooo! :eek: :)


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