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Surviving the pub

Hello everyone,

I have been reading this forum and thought joining in could be a good way to help me keep going.

I have been smoking for over ten years - started when I was 13. I smoked around 15 roll-ups a day and have tried to quit several times before. In the past, my effort have always fallen apart in the pub at the weekend.

I had my last cigarette on Monday, with the help of Allen Carr. It hasn't been too hard - I get the occasional pang and I sure have been lazier and more tired than usual.

I'm off to the pub in a couple of hours - fortunately with a group of non-smoking friends. I wanted to ask, does anyone have advice on how I can keep my quit? I'm not going to drink too much, as if I do, it's very likely I'll have a bit of a tantrum and run off to the shop to buy some. And I'll be so upset with myself tomorrow. I feel as though I should get used to going to the pub without them now, as going out is a big part of my life.

I should add, I DO want to (stay) quit and am serious about it.

I would be very grateful for any advice! Thank you.

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Not drinking too much is certainly a key element in keeping your quit safe, coupled with a night out with non-smoking friends is a real bonus. Although it is true for some that they don't want to avoid the normal life routines just because they have quit, I found that I had to change some routines, nothing dramatic, just slightly tweak the way I did things, I didn't feel it necessary to put extra pressure on myself. If I found myself in a situation that made me uncomfortable, I got out of it as quickly as possible. We are all totally different and what is important is that you do what is comfortable for you, there are no right or wrongs, but you must be positive and focussed, and do what you can to stay that way. People around you, friends and family will understand and be very supportive. So enjoy your night out, and if you feel a bit uncomfortable, give yourself a back door. It won't always be like that, but in the early days we have to protect ourselves the best we can.

Have fun,



Thanks Lorraine!

I've told my friends that I've stopped. Two of them stopped several months ago and seem to have resisted any drunken light-ups. If they can do it and keep a social life, I can too.

I've looked elsewhere on the forum and people suggest chewing a straw or having iced water. I'm not using any NRT.

I just have to get it totally clear in my head that I'm free, not deprived. And that I'm going to the pub to sit in the warmth and gossip with my friends, not to stand outside alone in the freezing cold for five minutes every half hour.


I did it! Woke up feeling absolutely ecstatic. And a lot better than I usually do - so nice to wake up and not reek of stale smoke.

I avoided my usual drink, which possibly helped. And when I felt a craving, I sat quietly and sort of 'thought it out' - reasoned with myself that I actually didn't want one. Somehow I was still able to do this after five drinks.

I hope this gives hope to other newly non-smokers who fear they won't be able to go to the pub anymore!


It does thanks, I am only on day 2 and I have to go out and drink on day 4!


Hi pg,

You don't have to drink!! I went to the pub on my day 2 and had a soft drink (most unheard of for me!). Take it slowly at the start. I'm starting my 8th week today and yes, it was certainly easier over the holidays to go out for a drink, but I wouldn't put too much pressure on yourself at the beginning. Good luck.


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