No Smoking Day
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Into Month 2

So Tuesday marked a couple of milestones for me.

1) It was the end of my firth month not smoking.

2) I got truely and utterly hammered at a work party - so much so that the last memory I have is of falling over on the underground train, and being helped into a seat by a fat bloke with a beard and a beige ski jacket.

On waking up with the mother of all hangovers I found a receipt for a burger king, and my suit hanging very neatly on a hanger (something I rarely do when getting home on a normal day).

But despite a head that felt like it would explode, I had fresh lungs - I did not even have one puff.

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Oh my, that did make me chuckle. Its odd the kindness of random strangers.

Well done on getting to through your first month and more importantly your first really drunk night. Sound like you may have had a great evening, just a shame you can't remember it, apart from beardy men in beige ski jackets lol :)

Sian x


hahaha, well, everyone knows the best nights are after getting hammered at work parties!

Well done :) 1 month is such an amazing achievement and getting reeeeeally drunk and not smoking is great! I find the hangovers to be MUCH more managable...

I think I normally used to almost overdose on nicotene if that makes sense (I smoked around 15 a day but it was more like 30-40 a night on weekends) and this is what gave me that god-awful mother of all bad hangovers!

eitherway, hope the head has healed since Tuesday... no one likes a 3 day hangover!


well done on your first month :D as to the going out and getting drunk and not having a ciggy thats fantastic :cool: ive been putting of going out and getting drunk as like Sofia i used to smoke way more when i was drinking and even though ive been out as a none smoker ive not really had a drinking session im saving that till my new grandson arrives :)


LOL, well done :)