No Smoking Day
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wow, the SMELL!


My son and his girlfriend smoke. Not too heavy since they really can't afford that and mostly outside, not in the apartment.

They returned me some margarine/soy spread containers that I had given them food in. Didn't need to return them but hey, that's ok.

The washed containers REEK of smoke. I mean BAD!! I sniffed every one of them and could not believe it. Put them in the cabinet and sniffed the next day. Awful, off in the trash they went.

Now THAT's bad...

You think its just that particular plastic that would attract smoke smell like that or what?

I've never smelled anything like that in my 37 years of being a smoker LOL....

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I've done this before as I re-use takeaway containers to carry my lunch to work... strong smells like curry will linger forever! so I just bin those... Your son and his GF were probably using them as ashtrays... just imagine how much ashtrays then stink up a smokers house tho?!



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