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second month here i am :)

good morning to all

yippee i can post in this section now as i reached my second month on thrusday last week :p dont seem possible that it wilbe 5 weeks tomorrow umm still waiting for my new grandson to enter the world mind you with the cold weather we have been having i did say that he might wait till it gets abit warmer :eek: which didnt go down well with my daughter :rolleyes: hehe anway hope everyone is having a good day

regards carol:D:

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Good Afternoon Carol, glad you are still going strong and really getting into your quit, it will fly by and you will soon be in the Penthouse warming your toes by the big Log fire.

Its a real benefit at this time of year not to smoke as we can stay in the warm, keep happy and hydrated and eat plenty of fruit not choccy which I regret is what I did, now I am suffering round the middle grrrr roll on the slimmer days or roll off the fat LOL


thanks for the messages :)

i will just carry on doing what im doing atm seems to be working quite well so far anyways :D

im not really that big on chocolate anymore but can relate as i used to be a terrible choccy addict years ago :eek:



Well done carol thats amazing - cant believe its gone so fast!!!

Am really proud of you, your attitude towards the quit is really positive.

I hope your grandson enters the world soon for your daughters sake and big congrats on being a grandma again. You wont have to worry about smelling of smoke when you hold him for first time. Keep us posted on his eminent arrival. Really happy for you.

Heres to entering the 3 month thread - we should be going into it about the same time so ill pop kettle on for you. HOw do you take it? lol

well done

amy x x x x


Thanks amy :)

and yes very scary how quick its gone ummm weak milky coffee please no sugar im sweet enough hehe :rolleyes:

im keeping an eye on the weather as it cant make up its mind what its going to do the snow that is im sure there is someone standing on my roof and just dropping afew flakes at a time just to get me to walk over and as soon as i do they stop lol i really dont want to go out in it but need to go and do shopping for mum :(

ive told my daughter to keep her legs crossed and wait till the snow has gone before going into labour :p


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