No Smoking Day
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1st Day off to a great start - I CAN DO THIS!!

Hi All,

I am new to the forum and like most new posters, i must say that this is a great resource for all areas of giving up.

I am 24 and have been smoking 15 - 20 a day since i was about 17 so about 7 years....

I am a very happy dad to be (in april) and i really dont want my child to see me smoke.

I recently moved back to thailand and that adds another issues with smoking, to buy a pack to 20 here is £1.20 so the cost of smoking doesn't discourage you as much as it does in the UK.

I stopped smoking last night, so it has been 24 hours.

- I need to stay busy, not thinking about it

- I threw all lighters, ciggys and other related material in the bin and felt good about doing so.

- It isn't as bad as i thought, yet, but i feel confident that this is possible.

- I have decided to quit 'cold turkey' so no patches / gum etc, i think this is probably the best way, that way your body can get back to normal and put a FULL STOP to its dependancy on nicotine.

Maybe today was easy because it will get worse, but then again maybe it is all in the mind, who knows, we shall wait and see.

One thing that is really helping me is the thought that the body is so quick at getting 'back to normal'

First Couple of Hours - Blood Pressure gets back to normal

After 8 hours - Carbon Monoxide in blood drops to healthy levels

24 Hours - Risk of heart attack is reduced (always good to hear)

48 hours - Nervous system regeneration

2 / 3 Weeks - Ready for the olympics, if you want

and it just gets better

These are my goals and i can do this.


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welcome to the forum adam :)

and well done on taking the first step you will find all the support and advise you need on this site as we are all in the same boat so to speak just remember that you will get cravings/withdrawel needs so will need to find something to occupy your mind and hands till it passes because it will pass

regards carol :)


Well done Adam on taking the plunge. Don't concentrate on the money side of things, that's not an issue for you.

My little boy kept on and on at me asking when I was going to stop smoking and I was like yeah whatever. My hubby gave up in Aug because he lost his voice in June. He thought it was to do with shouting at England during the World Cup (I shouted and groaned a lot too!). Anyway, he went to the hospital on Wednesday and he thought he had cancer of the sinuses.

But he doesn't (wooohooo!!) he has polyps, but I don't think either of us will smoke again, although it's bloody hard at times. I don't want my kids to bury either of us whilst they are still young. I buried my dad while I was pregnant (he died of cancer but he never smoked or drunk in his life) with my 2nd and I was 25, and that was hard enough.

I'll be looking out for you in the olympics in 2012 :D


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