No Smoking Day
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I am doing great

I wanted to post my experience. I am 37 and have smoked or dipped since I was 17. I quit at the beginning of Sept 2011. i had one relapse when i went to nash bars by the Titans stadium. I was drinking and had about 5 cig. Since then none. I went cold turkey. I am very very light headed right now almost like im on a drug but im not. I have been eating alot. i go to subway everyday. Tjis feeling is crazy but I am bracing it in a way enjoying it in way. I want to stay away from smokers almost losing respect of them. One went to nash with me they want to drink all yhe time thinking it thins blood to get rid of nicotine. I was selling a car though and needed a second driver. I doing good and not working at a job because of a surgery or i dont know if i could quit. If anybody needs advice or wants to talk ill be around.

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way to go

just encouraging myself i dont know if title is right should have put feel higher than kite and eat all the time One time i tried to quit my arm would jerk and get angry easy. This might be an improvemant. Go Cowboys break a rib watch your lungs.:eek:


I am not as spaced out today

My number one tip is to go eat breakfast to get the day going and to get out of house.


Well done blake

Keep up the good work



Good on you!

Mind your salt intake though, subway food is very high in sodium..


Some of my withdraws

A few days I felt like I had the flu. I mean I was hurting. I was coughing up every 15 minutes. My head was like floating in outer space. Felt like a marijuana trip nonstop. It would start in mid morning and last all day. That lasted a week. I feel like that now a little but with just a nervous side to it mixed in. My head is numb but I can tell I body is healing and maby I get back to where I was when I was 17. I will be so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D


Hi Blake,

It can feel like that, I think it is because for once your brain is getting the oxygen and not being starved of it.

Keep going you are doing really well.

Lingy :)


Date Tonight

I hope im not too crazy and tolerable. I thinking im changing everyday.


Oh no!!!

My date smokes oh lord I guess ill still go. Should I go?


Just ask them not to smoke around you, if you feel you can.

You never know, they might be inspired to quit themselves ;)


Date went ok

A little awkward but i got through it but the important thing is i did not crave any cigs. It was like i never smoked. I do not even think about them and realy dont want to be around it but can manage. Went to see Crazy House pretty good not scary. Twisted that would be a good name for a baby :)


Smoking is Bad You shouldn't smoke

Smoking is bad You shouldn't smoke Who knows what show thats off of but he says Drugs Did you guess South Park?


Remembering the first time I smoked

I was at a friends house with another friend and they both smoked. We were into the heavier music mettallica ect. They could smoke freely and play music in the basement. i decided to try it so i put a dip in and light one up at the same time. You talking about a mistake. I remember falling on the floor next to the pool table and could not get up. I was paralyzed and would not recommend it. You can get that feeling once but you will chase it but never get it again.



I came across a very interesting write up on a message board about how your body produces more red bloodcells to cary oxygen to your brain when you smoke and when you quit and the carbon monoxide leaves and all this extra o2 is going to brain. Finally your body realizes you have to much and quits making extra red blood cells. if you take in extra o2 at a oxygen bar this how you might feel. Im thinking about giving blood because i think i got enough red blood cells for everyone.


Thats Funny

I dont care who you are thats funny right there but seriously has anybody noticed when they go to the restroom their poop looks better after you quit . Im being serious and didnt know how to say it. Just pretend im Dr Oz.:p I should have asked a dr because i was getting pretty bad bowel movements and now i am a whole lot better.


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