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Things are changing, at last

32 days in and I just thought i would add in a new thread that when i had to have my stats BP & HR done at the hospital on Monday that my HR was now 58 rested which is good also i had to rush up to see the quit nurse on tuesday and i power walked in a couple of minutes from home to the Drs and i was not even out of breath or gasping like i would have been, again which is good.

The gunk is starting to clear a bit quicker now and its becoming less and less. I dont have the feelings of lethargy now in the afternoon and seem to be getting back to normal well like before minus the cigs of course. They do spring to mind sometimes but not often now and i try and just say im not a smoker so why would i want one.

I do feel better for stopping, i know this tme its for keeps as i feel totally different this time, im in control and not the other way about.

Anyhow im shattered so im off to bed now, night night all.

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nice one hon

went swimming yesterday ,that helped me ,apart from the cramp lol x keep going yourself ,i have enjoyed the lowered heart rate and increased physical power i am active normally but can hardly stop myself running home now ,not bad for someone who was becoming an old fart ,and is now a virile stud again well not quite but its only fifty days (nearly on sunday 1000 fags ) I am excited about that x


It is good to start feelin gthe positives! I think my heart rate is coming down, which is fantastic as I have a problem with a to fast heart (my standard was 110 beats per minute). It is still too high but at least it seems to be lowering. My blood pressure is always too low, so got to try and keep that steady (it was 80/60 when I was in LABOUR!).

I think our bodies are beginning to thank us!


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