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No Smoking Day
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Day 11 and things are changing fast

Hello All,

I am on day 11 and i am feeling good, i dont really have any serious urges and when i do have minor ones i just take a few deep breaths and all is back to normal.

This forum is really helping me and everyone is a real inspiration.

There are some things that i have experienced and they mainly have been in the past few days (7 - 11 days of no smoking)

1. Spots - Not alot, but just enough to make me slightly worried, but i read the page about the pimples and they seem normal so i am pleased it isnt just me.

2. Strange sleeping patterns, i do work late into the night and this is something i have done for some time, but my dreams now are crazy..... Last night i was in the SAS and i had a horrific time in a battle, getting shot all night isnt a normal experience to have.

Each night is mad, but i am sleeping well, just the dreams are crazy.

3. Taste and Smell are really improving.

4. Energy levels are high and i cant seem to stop being active (much to the annoyance of my wife)

5. I had a bad cold the past 2 days, but that cleared up

I am just waiting for this lovely cough so i can see all the **** i have been inhaling for the past 9 years.......

Adam x

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Hi Adam .. I am just one day ahead of you ..though I have had some strong craves and do find breathing deeply helps... then Igo and bop someone on the nose which also helps! (only joking) .. the dream thing is so weird and like you I have read enough here to know that this is normal .... so so vivid though and quite traumatic at times - the one I remember most was my little dog trying to climb up a cliff that was almost horizontal .. he nearly got to the top and then lost his footing ... I was sobbing when I woke up!! Anyway enough waffling from me .. well done you and keep strong ... Shelly xx


My dreams are easing off now, day 27 for me, and I am getting more sleep too which was a problem earlier on. I did dream that I was smoking last night, and worse still I was enjoying it:mad:. Felt awful when I woke up for a few minutes, because I really thought I had blown my quit. For some reason the craves have been worse today than for ages, just shows the power of the mind - unless I sleep walked to the shop, bought cigs and actually did smoke:eek:


Hey you guys seem to be having all the fun!!

I have not had any of the dreams that you talk about, although I can get behind the bopping someone on the nose!!

I think the important thing here is that this is all part of the healing process and each of us, in our own way, are starting to feel the benfits of ditching the old nicoweed. ;)


Yes the dreams are spectacular - horizontal cliffs ? ha ... only in my weird dreams!! never mind .. best of luck Adam ...everyone is here for you ... Shelly xx


I dream't I was being killed by a wave last night :confused: Also I keep dreaming about my dad and he died 13 years ago. I've never dreamt about him before...

Well done on day 11 Adam, nearly 2 weeks :)


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