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how things change as time goes by

when i started my quit for a good 98% of my time all my mind could think about was:



and how i used to cope with everything with a cigarette in hand be it happy or sad

now here i am NOT thinking about cigarettes 98% of the time and they tend to be a passing thoughts now

cigarettes seem almost alien to me now and i cant beleive how much they ruled my life and controlled me

and i can cope with everything be it good or bad WITHOUT a cigarette in hand because i now know it didnt help any of those situations

so to all u new quitters it does get better i never ever believed it would when i was in the darkest depths of the early days and then slowly but surely it happens there is light at the end of that tunnel its big bright and beautiful

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Boo that is really lovely, to hear I am 6 weeks in and I am thinking less and less every day, rather than like most of the time in the beginning. I'm sure all the newbies will draw strength from this. Keep up the quit. Bet. xx:)


so true boo!! :) month 4 here we come!!


Absolutely! It's true! Newbies, hang in there. It doesn't happen overnight but if you can grit your teeth and keep going, it DOES HAPPEN.

Way to go, Boo xxxx


Congrats Boo

Good post too, very uplifting and nice to see it's happening for you.

Keep on keeping on ;)

Hels - liking the sig link.


Thanks Boo, makes me happy for you and optimistic for me! Lovely post :)


I defo agree !! I am not at 98% not thinking about smoke yet but it went from 99.99999% thinking about cigs all time to just 20% of my time now which is very good.


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