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cave time

If ever there was a time to cave, it was today (now actually).

The bank had me in tears by reducing my credit limit without telling me, and I actually cried when I phoned them :confused:. Still fuming now but have to wait til tomorrow for a call back, even tho they promised to call back by 6pm tonight.

BUT, went to a friend's house after work (and after I spoke to the bank) and they both smoke. They both lit up infront of me, and I thought 'god that smells nice, but i'll still be p*****d off and upset if i have a fag', so i didn't.

Hubby had been to hospital this afternoon and he wasn't home when I got in. He went about his sinuses. They've been awful since the world cup and he thought it was cos of shouting too much at England! He gave up smoking in August (12 weeks free now) but had started coughing up blood and stuff. Anyhow, I was really worried and didn't wan't our 6 year old to be burying both of us, that's why I gave up too.

SO, prognosis is, he has polyps in his sinuses so all is well. He had to have a camera up the nose and wasn't expecting it.........well.......can't laugh much.....i went through childbirth :D

Oh and on Tues, a client phoned up and asked when I was starting my maternity leave..........................ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, was not happy :mad:

Anyway, it's the evening of day 10 for me now, and if I can get through today................

Good luck everyone..we can do it :)

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Stay strong hun cos your doing so well. You can cope with these things just in a different way this time.

Sorry to hear about your bank, i hate banks they never do what they say they will do and it takes ages to get through to them at our expense.

Anyhow hun, please stay strong and dont let your guard down cos u know that naughty nic can appear from outta nowhere so be ready for it and kick his but should he try it on.

Take care hun and keep on smiling



Good for you for not caving in after such a tough day :D

You should rightly feel so proud of yourself & knowing a fag would not have made a jot of difference anyway :p

Feel for you on the bank side, had a shouting fit at my credit card company yesterday, b******s:eek:

Hope you have a much better day tomorrow.

G xx


Thanks Jo

If there was a pack of 20 (or 10 or whatever) sitting on the table now, I could quite happily smoke my way through them tonight. But I live a mile away from the shop and have had a drink, so would not dream of doing what I've have done 11 days ago, and walked up there for a fix.

I'm just really really upset and angry, but I know I'd still be really really upset and angry if I had a fag....'s to day 11 tomorrow

thanks all xxx


hey hey

I'm still with you :) This is day 9 for me and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a smoke at 10am, after lunch, 3pm, on the way home from work, after supper and a couple of times in the evening....but didn't we commit to this??? I don't care if this kills me 'cos I'm not repeating these 9 days again....EVER!!!

Dig your heels in, we had to go thru this eventually, unless we want a dirt nap nice and early....I'm doing this for my son too & me...someday I want to see my grandkids and not be lugging around oxygen.

Oh, but I'll be gagged if I get run over by a bus next week!!!


Hi Rachel, you're doing fab, keep on it hon.

I can get a bit over-emotional at the moment, like the other day I was trying to book panto tickets for the kids whilst on the phone to hubby who was at work. I couldn't get the website to behave and started having a major tantrum down the phone at him. I had to phone hubby back up after and apologise. I did feel embarrassed :o

As you said, giving in won't change anything anyway - other than make you feel worse. My own personal reason that helps me not give in is exactly what Droid said... I'm not going through this ever again and if I smoke just one fag I have to start from the beginning. No friggin way am I putting myself through this again!

Keep thinking that when you need a fag, it helps me so maybe it'll help you too.


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